Monday, January 16, 2012

Worst Dressed at Golden Globe 2012

The Golden Globe 2012 had a cascade of stars sashaying down the red carpet, with a the flood of stylists one would think that fashion disasters would have been averted, but guess I was wrong,there were so many I had a hard time picking ones to share with you all.

Kelly Osborne- Morticia Adams called-She wants her gown back!!!
(No she isn't happy that you dyed her gown  blue!!)

Freida-A teal gunny sack, does not a dress make!

Dianne Agron- This is perfect if you are auditioning for the Red Dragon, else that ultra busy bodice & lacy tiered skirt don't rock my boat!

Lea Michelle-it takes a special talent to look awful in a Marchesa dress...what can I say you've left me speechless!.

Rooney Mara-Ill fitting Nina Ricci dress, frumpy hemline & bad makeup,there's just too much wrong with this look!

Mary J Blige & Evan Rachel Wood-Women Leave em birds alone!!! Feather dresses are not happening at all!

Michelle Williams-I'm not feeling your purplish leopard print lace dress, nor your headband borrowed from a kindergartner!
Your nail enamel-now that I do like!

Amanda Peet- It's white, its frothy lace, its one shouldered & its tiered.Don't be an over-kill stick with one theme & rock it, else you risk looking like wedding cake!

(Ladies-sorry if I dissed your favorite star here. I've been down with viral fever and bed ridden for days and been unnaturally caustic tongued (I'd blame that on the medicines though!) So put up with with my acerbic words & mood swings just yet! I wanted to do more posts in this series,but I'm exhausted.I'll resume posting once I'm feeling better)

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  1. Just went through the Red carpet video. Glad to see we share the idea of "worst"
    nice post..

  2. nice write up...esp the wedding cake one is hilarious!! :D...get well soon dear! :)

  3. Great post Pooja :) Very interesting!

  4. great post.. enjoyed reading! keep in touch hun! mmuah!

  5. OMG!! This is hilarious! I love your caustic comments, so no need to apologize. But I must say, this time your comments are especially hilarious & spot on! But why no comment on evan rachel wood?
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Heyyy get well soon! the weather is soo bad ! anyways even I didnt like the outfits, :p

  7. You were so right in all the comments you made about all of them-awesome post :) :) And hey me following you by GFC now :) :)

  8. oooh I was going to do a post on my favs at the globes! lol I really like zooey deschanel's was kinda unusual.

    Ur totes right about kelly osborne, michelle williams and amanda lol

  9. Interesting post Pooja :)
    It must be so hard for them to indulge in such costly dresses yet get it wrong :P

  10. haha!! quite loved the post and your picks! and get well soon :P

  11. oh dear...some of these are truly awful. A shame as they are all such beautiful actresses! The Kelly Osborne dress is my least favourite!



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