Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 10 New Year Makeup and Beauty Resolutions

New Year -its that time of the year when we make grandiose promises to ourselves and and plan to be at our best behavior through the year a.k.a. the New Year Resolutions.As a Beauty blogger, ordinary resolutions just wouldn't do for me! No Missy,they just won't,so here's a bunch of my Makeup & Beauty Resolutions for 2012 ;)

1.I'll start following a skin care routine- I've been lazy in the past, but now I want to pamper my skin-You know the know the whole, cleansing, toning, moisturizing,night cream and under eye cream bit.Plan to use face scrub and face pack on weekly basis,hot oil hair massage on weekly basis.
Success so far- Apart from usual washing my face with face wash,I've been using Kara cleansing wipe (with honey & almond) every night followed by Ponds Age miracle Overnight repair cream and Ponds Age miracle Dual eye therapie cream on my eye area.I can already see improvement in my skin texture in past 1 week. Look forward to weekend to catch up on rest of my planned beauty rituals ;)

2.Catch up on my Beauty Sleep-I'm a heavy sleeper & am just not into cat naps.Juggling work,home and a blog well its my forty winks which usually takes a beating. I've decided to make sure I get 8 hours of snooze time every night
Success so far-Not much,I'm still up beyond my bed time, been averaging around 6.5-7 hours of zzzzzz time. Have to work on this area.

3. Makeup shopping-I'll Buy what I need & what I will use.No more impulsive sale inspired shopping
Success so far-50-50! Have successfully fended off some online shopping urges, yet succumbed to a few amazing offers. I now make a wishlist and if I still want it after 1 month I go ahead and buy it, else its a No buy! 

4.I'll use the makeup that I have-Oh I can bet every beauty addict is guilty of hoarding makeup and never really hit pan on most of their makeup.This year I plan to use every single makeup item I have, so be ready to expect a lot of makeup looks!
Success so far- 'My project 101 Eye makeup looks'  was inspired by this resolution, I'm 3 looks down,98 more to go1 BTW I'm totally hitting pan on my MAC Sheerselect compact! Yay!

5.I'll buy classics that will complete my makeup kit-There are lot of missing elements in my makeup kit- like no nude matte eyeshadow palette, no true red matte lipstick,no contouring powder,no face primer,no tapered blending brush,no stippling brush, no Z palette.... This year I plan to buy pieces which would complete my makeup kit.

6.I'll Invest in some quality makeup brushes and beauty tools- There could be a MAC 217 somewhere on the distant horizon, but I'm seriously looking at improving my makeup brushes this year.A few brush holders, brush guard and maybe a new eyelash curler definitely on my wishlist.
Success so far- I've ordered some eye makeup brushes, I plan to give a decent burial to some of my frayed/ broken makeup brushes & gradually upgrade brushes

7.I'll embrace color in my makeup- You know we all tend to hoard 5 lipsticks, 4 nail enamels and 3 blushes in those super safe colors, well I didn't realize I kept buying lipsticks in the same dusty pinky shade every time I went shopping.This year,I plan to be adventurous and try many new shades I had hitherto never touched. 
Success so far--This has been a roaring success, all thanks to you guys, I've been wearing bold reds,pinky corals and Bordeaux lipstick shades and have got lots of compliments :D

8.Learn to do some new fancy schmancy hair-dos- Well I've always been wash-&-wear-hair-girl, but this year I want to learn some nice up-dos. Maybe try a beehive-who knows! ;D

9.I'll take care of my Health-Do some Stretch exercises everyday,get bi-annual health check ups done & complete scheduled dental visits.

10.I'll be happy & take less stress-totally working on it!

So what are your New Year beauty resolutions?

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  1. thats a good plan!! I m too lazy to make a m gonna adapt some of yours! :p

  2. Wow that is such a great thorough plan! I think you will have loads of fun doing this too! :-)

  3. very nice resolutions pooja...i wish u success in this and everything u take up...some of them are on my list also.i too planning on using the makeup i bought and try out looks..cheers to us!!!

  4. Hi Pooja

    Like ur resolutions.

    Here are mine -
    (i)I am going to use and not just hoard MAC / UD / NARS
    (ii) Buy less makeup (picked up 4 Bharat & Doris brushes and a pigment on tuesday. There is a MAC kiosk v close to the hotel I am staying in. Went twice but did not get anything)
    (iii) Experiment with makeup.
    (iv) try combining colours I have - MAC Sheen Supreme Impressionist + Good to be Bad - gives a nice dusty rose.
    (v)Not buy drugstore brands as I tend not to use them

    All the very best!


  5. all the best Pooja and would love to hear a report at the year end as to how many were you successful in and how did you achieve them :)

  6. Nice resolutions Pooja ... :D All the best :)

  7. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 I should also do. Hey, I got the tripod today!!!
    Good luck with your resolution too. Keep us updated and may be I'd do these too and keep you updated

  8. Wow :D A whole lot of resolutions.Even I am trying to work more on skincare :D
    And I haven't purchased any lipcolor other than safe shades of pinks and peaches!Its tym :P

    All the Best Pooja :D Luking forward to ur reports!!

  9. thats quite a list!! my resolution is to loose weight!



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