Monday, January 23, 2012

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow brushes and eyeshadow haul!!

Coastal scents had always intrigued me with their range of pocket friendly makeup items. I had been lemming for some good quality eyeshadow brushes on a budget (the ones that didn't expect me to sell off  one of my kidneys to buy a makeup brush kind of price range!) 

I had heard mixed reviews about their makeup brush quality and I wasn't entirely sure of placing an order.Around New Year's time Coastal scents had 20% Off on their makeup brushes and after contemplating over whether to order or not for over 3 months I finally took the plunge!!
I had taken the cheapest shipping option (First class Mail International $ 10.89) My order got delivered within 12 days which considering it was an International order shipped around New Year sale season was delivered in reasonable time frame.Total total cost of all my items excluding shipping was $ 15.34.

So here's my little haul, go on now feast your eyes.

I love the pink wrapping paper and the ultra cute black pouch that came with my order.
 The Package
My makeup brushes from Coastal Scents
 My coastal Scents Hot Pots shades Brandeis Blue & Buttercup Peach

My invoice
 I like that the brushes came with washing instructions..Always wash your makeup brushes and allow them to dry up completely before first usage.

Thankfully none of the brushes have any weird chemical laced smell.
Divine Eyeshadow  brush-Large- This one is enormous in size the biggest eyeshadow brush I've ever seen!! Its almost as big as my eye, though not everyone would like it I knew what I was getting myself into & I wanted a gigantic eyeshadow brush for sweeping on base color on my eyelid.
Synthetic shadow brush-Nice shadow brush for all over lid color application.
Pro blending Brush- This is supposed to be MAC 217 brush dupe. I found the bristles on this one nice & soft for blending. The bristles are softer and of slightly different shape than 217 .
Black precision pointed detail brush

Destiny precision angled liner brush
All my brushes neatly stacked together.
 My coastal scents hot pots out of their casing! Bransdeis blue is very different from what I'd imagined it to be, but pretty shade none the less. I'm totally loving Buttercup peach.

Here's a mini-mineral eyeshadow sample in shade-Champagne.You can imagine how tiny is the jar by the comparative size of the business card I've photographed it on.I felt like Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians holding this mini jar! The shade is nicely pigmented and shadow is finely milled.
Overall Thoughts- I'm very happy with the quality of products and service quality of Coastal Scents.I'd recommend the site. CS frequently has sales going on its site, to get best bang for your buck I'd suggest to keep your wishlist ready at all times and whenever you find a worthwhile sale,haul your favorite stuff. Currently Coastal scents is having Flat 40% Off their Mineral Makeup line. Go check it out!

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  1. you made a lovely selection pooja..i'll wait for the reviews spl. on the 217 dupe n dat angular brush

  2. Wowww all these at such reasonable price.loved your haul a lottt.

  3. Wow-you have got some awesome brushes-CS brushes are really awesome-I want their lovely buffer brushes! :D

  4. this is a pretty haul! how well to these compare to inglot?
    and what brushes are these? Even I plan to buy some..need guidance.

  5. ohh..dont bother with defining the brushes..i jus read the whole post..the page didnt open properly last time.

  6. wow awesome haul!!!! totally loved it!!!!!!!



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