Monday, January 2, 2012

Grey Purple and Blue Eye makeup look

Hello my cupcakes! So on with my 'PROJECT 101 Eye makeup looks' here's a funky twist to the Grey eyes with a hint of Blue & Purple.

The lid has been primed with a creamy grey shadow (I used a generic cream shadow), the inner eye corners and inner part of eyelids have been covered with muted silvery grey shadow and the lid has been covered with highly glittery grey-black shadow (I've used glittery black from 120 eyeshadow palette & Deborah Milano eye trio is Black Dahlia)


On lower lash line I've used purple eyeliner on inner corner, blue eyeliner in center and Turquoise-Green liner on the outer corner. Inner corner I've applied Glamour doll eyeshadow in Royal orchid (used on top of purple liner), Glamour doll eyeshadow Tattooed (used on top of blue liner) & Glamour doll eyeshadow in Bruised (used on top of Turquoise-Green liner. I lined the water liner with Black kohl and curled lashes and coated with mascara.

Products Used

If you want to browse & buy Glamour Doll eyeshadows, click the image below


Hope you like the look :) Have a great week ahead

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  1. Two eye-looks in a single day and both of them too good to decide which one I like better!!
    I was thinking of entering your giveaway but now I'm intimidated. You are soo good that you would probably laugh at my lack of skill :(
    Great going and this is a great idea. Coz everytime I need something I would refer back here

  2. Niedita- OMG sweetheart you just made my day! You've amazingly artistic bent I've seen & admired your looks so much (the one in red saree with EA Poppy cream & falsies! I adored it!)Do send in your entry I'd love to see you participate.
    Project 101 Eye makeup look is my endeavor to actually use the makeup I've been accumulating! New year resolution u see ;)

  3. You are being too nice Pooja! :)
    How long is the giveaway open? I am getting a tripod soon. So that I can do the entries properly. Could you kindly put up the link to the main post in the sidebar please? It becomes easier to acceess to the rules etc quickly so that nothing is amiss when we do it

  4. Nivedita- actually the contest was to end on 30th Dec, but there is an issue with an entry,one of the contestant has sent the same entry to Indian vanity case also & many girls reported that the images used by her belong to someone else. I've mailed Cynthia regarding this & I'm awaiting her revert.
    Once I hear from her I plan to extend the contest till 15 Jan 2011.So you can compile & mail your entry til then. You can access the details of the contest here

  5. wow..this is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!! great work <3

  6. Woww awesome work, very simple yet innovative! I have this trio! :)

  7. I must try this!!! Good Pictures!!!

  8. simply stunning the way u do ur eye make up !! :)

  9. superb!!! and its so vibrant!!! beautiful shades Pooja and gorgeous makeup :)

  10. beautiful!!!!!!!! loved the way u coordinated the colors...!! :)

    btw.. hi :) i just went through your blog.. and i totally loved it!! gr8 work..!!



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