Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eye makeup look using KKCenter HK ES Natural Short To Long False Lashes

False lashes have always fascinated me to no end.You know the the instant glamor and drama they add to all those close up editorial style photo shoots you see in magazines, I always  thought it was the turf of supermodels and the glamazons who alone could rock the faux lashes.

I never wore false eyelashes 'coz strangely enough I always worried that I would goof up & probably glue up my real lashes (only now I realize how silly my fears were!!! ;D)

Then I tried out ES Natural Short To Long False Lashes [Product code-ES A812] from .Its a an online cosmetics store which sells wigs, false eyelashes, makeup items, nail art stuff,fashion accessories- basically the whole shebang we girls so love at amazing prices!!

 So here's my eye makeup look done with the ES Natural Short To Long False Lashes from

 Check out how voluminous these false make my lashes appear,I totally love it! I feel like one of those mascara models! LOL

I wondered if the band of false eyelashes will be highly prominent,but one I went over with a thin line of black eyeliner the band was barely discernible. Check out the close up shot below.

The packaging -simple black box with 10 pairs of eyelashes affixed on a thick sheet.The lashes are easy to remove and store back in the slots on the packaging.

Pricing-10 pairs of eyelashes for $8 (eyelash glue not included). Now I'd done some window shopping for faux lashes in India and I couldn't find anything worthwhile for under INR 350-400/- for a single pair of lashes!!! If I compare the price these are incredible value as $ 8 for 10 sets plus these Lashes can be re-used 2-3 times if handled with care.


Pictorial guide on the box on how to apply these false lashes.

The falsies had a longer band than was needed for my eye size, so I snipped off the ends to customize the length for my eyes.

 The falsies should be bent a little bit to fit the eye shape better.
Apply the glue to the band of the false eyelashes, apply a thin layer and use a pair of tweezers to handle the false eyelashes
  Final result

Overall Thoughts- I love the super dramatic & glamorous effect these lashes add to even a blah eye makeup look. It will be specially great for attending parties / weddings or for the heavy duty smoky eye makeup looks(think Kim Kardashian style ).
For the price and the quality these falsies are a total steal and I'm planning to stock up on some more of these falsies from KKCenterHK!  I'm eying the crisscross lashes next..

Note- The product was sent by the company for consideration.

What do you think about the EOTD with faux lashes? I'm feeling inspired & plan to wear these to an upcoming wedding. what do you girls think?

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  1. i have never tried a false eyelash..but this is tempting me to get one :D

    1. You must try these faux lashes! I was super thrilled with the results.Go on flutter those falsies!

  2. I've never tried falsies either for the same reason and also because I dont want to look too fake but these lashes actaully look relly nice and natural. I do want to getmyself a pair just to see vwhat they really look and feel like...I'll have to surf around on ebay too :-)

  3. Ooooh... Love them! Must. Have. Now.. And they look so natural a mascara model kinda way... ;)

    1. He he he Yess those incredible lashes in mascara ads zOMG!



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