Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leopard Eyes-Eye makeup look

Keeping up with my new year resolution of 'Project 101 Eye Makeup looks' here's the latest EOTD.

Girls-Ever wanted to unleash the feline in you? No I'm not talking about Garfield as makeup inspiration!! How about trying out this bold, adventurous and super wild- Leopard inspired Eye makeup look

This look is an acquired taste, so if it doesn't catch your fancy, fret not. For ages I wanted to try this uber chic (& mildly crazy look!).I didn't think I could pull it off, while its not perfect, I quite like it.[My hubby found the look scary! what fun!!-his expression was truly priceless!  LOL ;D ]

A word of caution- Do not try this on a busy day (no seriously! Its a test of patience as much it is of skill!)

Products Used for the look-

88 Metal Mania Eyeshadow palette (Sheer gold & shimmery coral shade used on crease & highlight area,matte white to create spots)
120 Eyeshadow palette (Matte saffron shade used all over lid & dark brown to create spots)
Glamour Doll Eyes Trophy wife (used on lower lash-line)
Faces Eyeliner pencil Black & Turquoise (used on waterline)
Maybelline Eye studio Gel eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Colorbar liquid eyeliner (felt tipped one for creating spots)

So what do you think of the look? Love It ,Hate It or can't makeup your mind? ;D

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  1. Man! You really were serious when you said 101 eye looks! Keep em coming!
    Oh n I did something similar for a fantasy eye make up contest... But I kept the spots only on the lid area and drew an exaggerated cat eye liner. You've done such a neat job of it! It's sooo hard to draw a damn leopard spot with a liner on the eye no?

  2. Nitya-LOL! Yeah guess u guys are stuck with me till I complete 101 EOTD! Don't worry I'll pace them out, not everyday anymore! I'll check out your look as well, haven't seen it yet. You are right drawing those spots was a killer test of patience! I almost reached out for remover to wipe my entire eye clean! Glad I slogged on ;D

  3. LOVEE!! I attempted leopard eyes over on my blog but I really like the gold bottom liner. !! xx

  4. AMAZING!!! This must have taken you agggggeees! Would be great for halloween or a fancy dress party!

  5. wow..!! that was really amazing.. good work!!! :)

  6. Just WOW!! 101 u say this is getting really interesting :) so ur series is my diary of inspiration EOTDs :D

  7. it rocks!! Infact I am in love with all things leopard print these days!

  8. amazing showcase of talent... sadly i dont have the patience to even try it ... hehehehe

  9. Awesome work dear! I am a big fan of your EOTDs

  10. this is totally amazing it. its really artsy



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