Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and Smokey Brown Eye makeup look

Hello my Beauties!We meet again in the brand new year! Hope you all partied hard and looked your smoking best on the New Year eve!

Sorry about the slow trickle of posts from my end,I've been basically hibernating.The near zero temperature coupled with grey skies, fog and believe it or not infrequent lashing of rains has turned me into a hibernating polar bear! The weather has been keeping  me off makeup (wearing & not shopping that is ;D) 
While I kept hoping the weather Gods would have some mercy & Give us some cheery sunshine,I kept putting off posting so many great New Year posts I had planned. So finally I decided to move my lazy bum & usher in 2012 with a Smokey Brown & Gold Eye Makeup Look.

I've decided to do Project 101 Eye makeup looks for 2012 so you can definitely expect more EOTDs from me :)

Products Used
To intensify the brown eyeliner, I firstly applied the black gel eyeliner and once it dried up, I went over it with metallic brown eyeliner pencil.

Hope you like the look:)

Here's wishing all of you a fabulous fun filled year.May all your makeup & Beauty dreams come true!

I'm busy drawing up my New Year Beauty resolutions and I'll be posting that soon, so have you made any Big New Year Beauty resolution? Do tell :)

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  1. gorgeousssss *sings in a lalala voice*
    I do that brown over black trick too!!!

  2. was missing your EOTDS! awesome job! i love such looks during some marriage parties a lot! do check my giveaway! :)

  3. wow 101 EOTDS..that's a huge project..Loved this one :)

  4. this..looking fwd to such lovely eotds.

  5. its v pretty .. i did somethin similar for the new years eve party... :)

  6. Whoa!!! This is fab!I always love gold in eye makeup. I feel it does justice to our skintone

  7. Hey Pooja....
    I just gave you a blog award, check it out. :)

    Have an amazing day hun :)Happy New Year

  8. Mehal- Thanks a bunch :D Thats my favorite eyeliner trick love the way black base makes all the other liners Pop!

    Manya- Thanks for such amazing support, just the sunshine I needed! More EOTDs coming your way :D

    Cherry Lane-Thanks so much :)

  9. Pooja- Yup its a gargantuan project, need all the motivation I can get :)

    thePURPLEspirit -Thanks so much, you are total pro at EOTDs yourself! :)

    riddhi jholapara -Really?! That's awesome

    Nivedita- Oh yup I love me gold shadows! super pretty on our earthy skin tones :)

  10. Krazzy Ki- Yooo hoo ! Thansk so much so glad you liked the look & a big hug for the Blog award!



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