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First they launched the HD TV, then they launched the HD channels and then HD makeup had to follow suit. Revlon climbed on this bandwagon fast and quickly launched Photoready Makeup collection.
So does this one live up to all the High definition hype? I had to investigate

Revlon claims "Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.

- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

First off lets start with the packaging-
I like the packaging of this foundation, its simple yet quite chic. Glass bottle, black cap & a pump dispenser.The bottle has a sticker at the base which lists out all the ingredients.
The pump dispenser is heaven sent.It has a very tiny spout and in 1-2 squirts you get precise amount of foundation. I find this much more hygienic plus rest of the product doesn't come in contact with air,so less fear of it drying out.

SHADES ,TEXTURE & COVERAGE -Internationally Revlon has 12 shades in the Photoready range but they've decided to launch only 4 shades in India.I bought Caramel 010 (I'm NC 45 in MAC).I wish they had a wider shade selection available in India, as this is a great product and a wider shade selection would be great.

Shades Available in India

• Shell- For very fair skin tone.
• Nude- Fair to medium skin tone
• Medium Beige- for medium to fair skin with yellow undertones
• Caramel- for dark skin tone

The texture of the foundation is light & fluid,it gives sun protection of SPF 20. An interesting thing I noted was unlike most products containing SPF this one doesn't leave any grayish cast, which is usually a deal breaker as far as foundations go.Also this one hasn't oxidized on my skin which is a real blessing.

Regarding the coverage I'd say its medium coverage.This one wouldn't  cover too many imperfections unless you are using a concealer underneath.

The pigmentation and texture is amazing, its very blendable and it doesn't require to much effort to get a flawless finish. It easily lasts 5-6 hours on me without touch ups.
Foundation blended out looks natural gives beautiful dewy luminous sheen to the skin. Picture clicked indoors in day time,you can only see a fine sheen on the skin.

 Picture clicked outdoors with natural light- gold reflects are discernible but not to bright

You can see the gold reflects in the foundation under bright light. The below pic was taken under bright sunlight. Don't worry this one won't make you look like a firefly or a disco bulb under natural light. But it is definitely better suited for Party wear/ Functions where you need the extra dewy & glowy effect. I personally think it'd be great for weddings/ bridal wear.
If you have oily / acne prone skin you might not like the glittering particles as it may draw more attention to it.

MY MAKEUP TRICK- I love the dewy finish of this foundation, for day wear I mix a tiny bit of the foundation with my moisturizer and blend it out, looks fabulous on the skin with just a hint of color & beautiful sheen.

Price: INR 850/- for 30 ml, I bought mine off from a store called Marylber2005. 
It cost me $7.99 + $4.99 for shipping,total landed cost worked out to INR 580 (That's a 31% discount,Yay!) The shipping was pretty fast and got the order in under 2 weeks.

So have you tried the Revlon Photoready range? If yes what has been your experience? Do leave a comment behind.

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  1. It seems like this have a lot of shimmer =/ Unfortunately, Revlon it's not easy to find here in Portugal =/

  2. Yes Ana, as compared to regular foundations this definitely has more shimmer, but with a little bit of moisturizer mixed with the foundation the shimmer is not visible, you get a nice luminous finish.
    You can check out I'm sure some sellers would be shipping to Portugal

  3. i'm a matte i shud better passe ds one :)

  4. i have heard lot of good things about it but didn't know it was shimmery..

  5. i really like it though m generally not a fan of shimmery products

  6. Shimmery foundation :O Definitely not for me.... urs reviews r damn gud :)

  7. Very shimmery...thanks for the review. :)

  8. Ummm... can't amke up my mind. But looks tempting enough. Might consider once my present ones get over

  9. Vanity- yup matte foundation lovers will have to look elesewhere, this is shimmery

  10. Bhumika-yes its shimmery but not in a bad way, get a swatch done at one of Revlon counters and take a note of it after a few hours, if you like what you see, you can commit to it.

    SSG- This is shimmery but, unless you are under bright lights, its not OTT shimmer. Do get a swatch done and wear it for a few hours before you buy it. I personally love it, with a tiny bit of moisturizer its great for luminous look

  11. Rentu- do give it a shot, you might surprise yourself and like it, the texture is very nice,get a swatch done before you buy

  12. Shweta & Vertu- thanks glad to know my review was helpful.

    Nivedita-Even I was skeptical about the shimmer and was divided over colorstay and photoready foundation,I took 3 weeks to decide before purchasing. I'd say get a swatch done and observe it for 5-6 hours and see how it behaves on your skin. I personally fund it quite good, shimmer is barely discernible if you apply a light dusting of compact powder on top.

  13. In flash light face look if like sum mask...:(

  14. Its fabulous the only problem is the shipping charges from amazon and ebay sometimes...



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