Monday, August 15, 2011


Looking for a easy to blend under eye concealer? The look no further Revlon Age Defying concealer is
the next best thing to a good night sleep for your under eye circles.

Hydrates like an eye cream. The only concealer with Botafirm™ conceals imperfections due to aging, dark circles, and discoloration.

Let me start with an honest statement that I haven't been a concealer user per se. Long ago I learned a trick from one of L'oreal MUA online that you can just use dried-up, thick foundation found in the opening of the bottle to cover up any imperfections as a concealer substitute. 
I have slight freckles on my face but nothing serious enough to inspire me to go on a full fledged hide and conceal mission.
I wanted to get a concealer for specifically for under eye area and I was eying the Revlon Photoready concealer. But high shimmer content & limited shade selection ( only 2 shades available in India) was quite a put off for me. So I researched online and chanced upon
Revlon Age Defying concealer.
First of let me praise the packaging,its a slim 11 mL tube with a window to show you the shade,next is the nozzle tip, which allows for precise amount of concealer to be applied.

This one comes in 4 different shades- Light,Light Medium,Medium & Medium Deep (this is the the darkest shade and suitable for my  MAC NC 45 skintone)

The product itself is well pigmented and has a soft satiny finish.Its easy to blend and hence suited to under eye area. this concealer has SPF 25, so for those of you looking at some in-built solar protection from their concealer this is a pretty good bet. Also don't let the 'Age Defying' bit fool you into thinking that this is something meant for more mature skin.I can't vouch for its anti aging properties but the overall blend-ability & smooth hydrating texture will be great for skin of any age.

I have used it to cover up freckles and took it for a stress test-by trying to cover a chicken pox scar on  my hand. It did a pretty good job covering up the freckles, the scar was also reasonably well covered.It has medium coverage, for those of you looking at covering up major scars, you'll have to look elese where.

Expert Tip From Revlon-  
  • Prepare the skin under eyes with a light, non greasy eye cream. 
  • Gently dab the concealer under your eyes 
  • Blend with the pad of your ring finger using a patting, not rubbing, motion until it looks seamless
  • For optimal results, you can build coverage until your desired coverage level
This one is not available in India, I ordered it from from store called 'marylber2005' I paid $ 6.99  Plus $ 2.99 for the shipping and my order was delivered in under 2 weeks. I like this nifty little concealer it's going to be a new addition to my daily makeup ritual now.

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  1. i think they have limited shade selection...i'm yet to use a concealer...

  2. This sounds a lot like the MAC Select moisturecover I have actually the select cover up (This I just used sometimes).

  3. Its a pity these are not available at the stores now. I wonder why most of the brands don;t launch their concealers in India

  4. does it give a whitish cast? or looks so in pics..

  5. NIce review :)I have hideous dark circles :( thinking of trying the colorbar pencil concealer:)

  6. SSG- Yes I agree that shade selection is limited but I think Medium deep should work well on your skin.

    Ik- you are right though MAC has wider shade selection.

    Nivedita-I agree with you,its surprising that despite charging top dollar most brands still don;t bring such good products in their collection to India,concealers are something youa re unlikely to find unless you are heading to department store makeup brands..sad

  7. Bhumika- This one doesn't give me any whitish cast.Only if you are wearing a lighter shade that you'd experience white cast problem.
    My facial /under eye skin is tad lighter than my wrist so once blended out well and finished with powder it looks very natural

    Shwetha- Thanks, so glad you like it. Btw if you have under eye circle I'd recommend a cream or liquid concealer & not a pencil one.
    Pencil concealers are better for spot correction on face, but under the eye blending is bit difficult with pencils as skin is more delicate around eye area.

  8. I want to try this. Will check it out soon..

  9. I love the one that comes in a pan! Im on my second one and i absolutely love it

  10. Tanvee- where did you get the one n pan? I'd been on the lookout for it but didn't find it in stores, so finally ordered this one.Though I like the nozzle tip applicator, its very user friendly, prevents any product wastage and helps with very precise application



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