Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ROBERT PATTINSON- Oh dear Lord, I can't tell how it bleeds my heart to put this delicious vampire on the Celebrity Hairstyle Disasters list! Its a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. 
Our beloved Rob decided to get this weird half-cropped, half-wild haircut for his up-coming movie. I can't help but cringe, at his heartlessly chopped lovely tousled locks!

CHRISTINA AUGILERA- She got so upset when Robetrt Pattinson usurped her from Numero Uno spot on this post, she decided one bad hair do isn't enough .
Keep it up Christina, we are still counting the disastrous hair dos!

BEYONCE- That's one bad wig ,Sister! All the single ladies steer clear of this!

Sorry J Lo-I Love You (Like I hate you) But I can't understand this hair -do!

 image source

NICKI MINAJ- This Frankestein's bride hairdo would be enough to freak Young Frankenstien !

FERGIE- O-M-G What were you thinking! Now even I'm speechless

JANET JACKSON- Electrocution must be one tough way to style your hair, eh?

image source

 PINK-A bald head is bold, a sweep of hair to cover up, not so.Time to go the distance Girl-Be Bald & Beautiful.

NICOLE SCHERZINGER-Is it me, or does anyone else get a Captain Spock Deja vu`

image source

GWEN STEFANI -We could live with those Ruby Lips, spare us the ruby red hair..puhleeeez

LADY GAGA- The Horned Godess Look- this is extreme for you too

MARY KATE OLSEN- Ohh! Look what the cat dragged in !!!

DONALD TRUMP-This Justin Bieber hair-do suits, well Justin Bieber alone.The rest of us lesser mortals need haircut! Get yours now.

DUCHESS CATHERINE- Flyaway hair & yet the smile is intact, charming!

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  1. he he, love it.
    too bad pattison joined the club. I like him.
    fergie is like right out the salon or something...

  2. Indgal- Hi, as always you are the first one to comment on my late night rambling posts :)
    Pattinson-OMG he's good enough to eat ;)pity what he's done to his hair. Fergie- gee I dunno why wud she step out a mike in hand with rollers in her hair..baffling!

  3. beyonce looks like a transgender to me in that pic even though i just love her..and the olsen twins look like they are from a hunger stricken place..and you should put amy winehouse also in the post..enjoyed reading it.

  4. hehehe :P I LOVE ROB <3 <3 and am shocked at his spot :O AND he def deserves it :P
    yes he is "gud enuf to eat" :P

  5. haha you LOVE Kate no?!:P but everything made me go ewwww!!:S:S:S Like wash, comb and make braid it properly!:P



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