Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello beauties! I've raved on abut my Iraya Haul, Iraya Cocoa & Milk Masque,Iraya Enlivening Sugar Body Polish Iraya's Vanilla and whole milk lip balm, so its about time I shared with you all Iraya's natural hand crafted Lavender Soap.

Iraya's Bath range has a vast selection of Natural Soaps.

Oatmeal Soap
Mildly exfoliating. Leaves skin soft, smooth and invigorated.
For all skin types • oat flakes, vanilla, olive oil & rice bran oil
Vanilla & Whole Milk Soap
Nourishes and softens the skin. Leaves smooth, silken feel.
For normal to dry skin • wholemilk, vanilla, oils of coconut, olive, ricebran
Sandalwood Soap
Cleanses, soothes & intensely moisturizes the skin.
For normal to sensitive skin • oils of sandalwood, coconut, rice bran & kokum butter
Green Tea Soap
Refreshes & tones the skin, adding radiant glow
For normal to oily skin • green tea, cane sugar, oils of rice bran & coconut
Neem & Basil Soap
Protects the skin from infection, acne. Helps prevent skin problems.
For problematic skin • neem, basil, coconut oil & palm oil
Orange Soap
Energises. Cleanses & revives dull/ flaky skin.
For all skin types • orange extract, orange zest, cane sugar, oils of rice bran & coconut
Almond & Honey Soap
Moisturizes, softens and leaves the skin younger looking.
For normal to dry skin • almond, oils of almond, coconut, rice bran, palm & honey
Mint & Pomegranate Soap
Refreshes & energises the skin & the senses.
For all skin types • pomegrante, coconut oil, palm oil & mint
Sea Kelp Soap
Cleanses, tones & refreshes.
For all skin types • seakelp, cane sugar, oils of coconut, rice bran, castor
Coconut Soap
Nourishes, softens & moisturizes the skin
For normal to dry skin • oils of coconut, ricebran, palm & coconut butter
Lemongrass Soap
Deodourises & revives skin. Perfect for oily skin.
For normal to oily skin • oils of lemongrass, coconut, palm, vetiver & mint leaves
Lavender Soap
Gently cleanses. Relaxes and destresses.
For all skin types • lavender, cane sugar, oils of coconut, palm
Citrus Punch Soap
Cleanses and energizes, ideal for reviving a dull complexion.
For normal to oily skin • lime, oils of coconut, rice bran, castor oil
 I picked up the Lavender soap because I loved the bright pinkish red translucent bar & lovely lavender fragrance.Iraya's soaps are tested for allergy. Iraya doesn't test on animals,so that's a huge plus for nature & animal lovers who hold this matter close to their heart.

I sliced my soap into to two piece because I find the size more manageable this way.It doesn't lather too well but the fragrance more than makes up for it. If you like fancy soaps in your bath then Its a great addition to your bath products. Though at INR 145/- a piece its a tad expensive than comparable soaps.

Its available at all Iraya outlets you can access the list of Iraya's store from the link below

Iraya store locator

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  1. They don't test on animals!!! Yay!!:D:D I expected it to be lavender in colour:P and thought the bright pink-red was a polythene!:P

  2. Ik- even I thought it'd be lavender in color but this looked like Jello,so I had to snag this..

  3. :D yesss it looks good to eat!:P

  4. These natural soaps sound so good! I'm a huge fan of natural products. Love the colour of the lavender soap!

  5. Good post..following you now :)

  6. Ik- Yup looks like Raspeberry jelly! Feast on ;)

    Penelope-Me too I dig all these natural bath products, perfect for pampering yourself

    Gauri- Thanks dear, glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for following.Hope to see you around

  7. Interesting article!!
    Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.



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