Sunday, August 14, 2011


Who wants sassy coral pink lips? Me Me Me!

I've been busy planning my upcoming birthday trip to Phuket and have been a in a total beach babe mood. So when I checked out this super gorgeous & oh-so-sassy bright coral pink Revlon Color burst lipgloss called Papaya I had to snag this. I had done a detailed review of Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss Bordeaux and Tanveer from Addicted to Blush had reviewed two other super pretty shades Aubergine & Peony.You can read her review here

Don't let the almost neonish coral color in the tube scare you away. It comes off as a very pretty pinky coral on the lips and is quite sheer,but build able. PI loved Aubergine and Sienna sparkle as well. Peony is another shade that I quite liked, though its almost too sheer to be on the lips, but its a gorgeous light shade none the less.

In the last pic I've slightly blended out the lipgloss so you can see the pinkish undertones. 
Overall I'll highly recommend these,after a long time I finally found something really exciting at Revlon counters & the shades selection in this range is awesome.Priced at INR 475/- Revlon has a winner at hand. My respects to Revlon for these beauties.

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  1. Hi IBC,
    Today morning i bought the revlon colorburst lip gloss in Sienna Sparkle.After reading your review I wanted to buy the shade Bordeaux but it was unavailable.Will buy it soon.Thanks for introducing a nice product to me.I love ur blog a lot.All the best and keep going.

  2. Poornima-Congrats on a great buy, I loved Sienna sparkle is a gorgeous shade not too brown yet very sophisticate, its on my wishlist alright.Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, they mean a lot to me.

    SSG- thanks dear, do try it on,its a very fresh take on coral color

  3. Ever since I saw the swatch, I am losing my sleep. HAVE TO get this one for sure

  4. Mehak-Same pinch :)

    Nivedita- oh yes you've gotta get this its one hot shade, but I can bet you'll be mighty confused when you see all the gorgeous shades in this line

  5. I came back to ogle at the shade again :P

  6. Nivedita-go get it girl,treat yourself to a little gift :)

  7. I'm going crazy looking at the's lovely!

  8. Hey! Thanks for the link love, missed the post earlier :P

    I got this shade myself yesterday..

  9. Hi Tanveer- thanks a lot, I'm in love with Papaya, its gorgeous, hope you are enjoying it :) i've my eyes set on aubergine now..

    1. It's too bright on me.. like a shocking bright color. I don't know why though.. It is a lovely color but I am very confused about where to wear it to :P

    2. Wear it to the beach! Hang in there the winters are almost over and its the perfect bright spring summer color, swipe on some turquoise eyeliner, papaya gloss , wear a nice sun dress to the beach, you'd totally rock it!



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