Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beauty on a Budget-Pond's Active Moisture review

After my Empties Project I had been maintaining a very trimmed down stock of makeup and skincare products in my vanity case.So when I ran out of my regular day cream I didn't have a back up one... yeah can you believe that a Beauty blogger running out of face cream?! Yes wonders never cease...

So basically on one of my random grocery store visits I frantically looked around for face creams & realized the skincare aisles didn't have any of my regular favorites in stock.
I was quite literally left scratching my head, whether should I pick up another expensive un-tested cream or order my staples online and wait for 3-4 days for delivery..
Hmmm.. such a travesty.. so while I pondered over this million dollar question this cutesy little blue and white jar of Pond's Active Moisture cream winked at made no big claims about how it will reduce signs of aging, make me look years younger, or how it will whiten my skin or make it glow... blah blah you know the whole spiel, it just said its a 'Revitalizing 24 hours moisturizer'...
I picked it up and saw it retails for Rs 120/- for 50 grams, I decided what the heck, lets try, how bad can it be...I came home washed my face and slathered on some Pond's Active Moisture.

Now surprise surprise , while this is no miracle worker it is a pretty damned good face cream. Comes in a sturdy glass jar and blue cap.The moisturizer has a beautiful subtle floral fragrance and white whipped texture. 

It sinks into my normal-oily combination skin (normal skin with oily T zone), gives a smooth well hydrated texture, doesn't leave greasy residue and best of all gives a good semi matte finish to my skin. It also keeps the shine on my oily forehead under control and I have used it as a night cream and have woken up to good fresh looking skin.

I didn't experience any heavy greasiness in the morning with this baby.I have used it continuously for 2 weeks and my skin is quite happy with it.I'm even more surprised that this little budget warrior actually costs so less and works so much better than many pricier cream I have been using for a while.

I'm definitely repurchasing and would recommend you check this little jar of  beauty on a budget

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  1. Sounds good, would love to try it out, nice review!!

  2. I was on a look out for a nice hydrating cream. Your review came just in time :-)

  3. I just got over with my ponds night miracle..and it was good. may try this now

  4. I didn't c at H&G :O But doesn't matter since it suits ur combi skin and mine is dry :P

  5. I too.used it, and found it quite good

  6. nice blog

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