Monday, December 3, 2012

Beauty on a Budget- Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean up

Multitasking is all the fad..we now have laptops which can double up as tablets, tablets that can double up as cell phones,well how can the beauty and skincare potions be far behind,the latest crop of 'Mister-do-it-all 'beauty potions can be used as face wash/scrub and a masks. Suddenly the Indian beauty counters are awash with these little tubes which claim to do it all!

Now I personally steer clear of these Jack-of-all-trades products, but when I saw one from Nivea,my interest was piqued,its called Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean up.This thrifty little Mr. Fixit is the new kid on the block can be used as a wash,scrub,pack,oil remover,spot reducer.

Its meant for Normal to Oily skin, which means a pretty wide skin spectrum gets covered by Nivea Pure effect Total Face clean up.

As a side note, I'd mention Nivea is one of my personal favorite budget beauty brands which always delivers consistently good quality products,Nivea products respect my skin and deliver good results at a fraction of higher end skin care brands.

Nivea pure effect total face cleanup comes in a white tube with a aqua colored flip top, the packaging feels nice and sturdy.Now this mini multitasker claims to do a whole bunch of thing.I use it as a face wash  a face scrub and occasionally as a face pack if my skin gets too oily.I prefer using it in the night just before applying my serum and moisturizer.I like the way ts leaves my face feeling fresh.

It has a nice magnolia fragrance and the product is thick white cream which has scrubbing granules. The granules are quite evenly distributed through the product and when you mildly scrub your face you can get a good exfoliation.The product has a kaolin clay as base so when used as a mask it soaks up the excess oil from the skin and once washed off leaves the face slightly brighter, thought brightness/glow doesn't last very long.Despite its clay base it doesn't feel drying on the skin,

Price Rs 99/- for 50 Ml.The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of opening.This is an ideal product for people on the go who don't have too much time / inclination for complex skincare routines.

I'd totally recommended it, its a great budget beauty buy.

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  1. I was waiting for this review :) Thanks Pooja!

    1. :) many more skincare reviews coming up Lancy, I'm totally enjoying this little multitasker

    2. That's great :D Me eagerly waiting for your reviews.

  2. Sounds great, would love to try it out!

    1. Do check it out,I just got my cousins to pick this one up as well,it's lovely and refreshing :)

  3. Wasnt sure how this would turn out..even I stay away from the jack of all trades products..Now Ill buy it :)

  4. Sounds great..I have not even tried the Garnier 3 in 1 yet..

  5. Great way to lose wrinkles! Please share some more natural ways

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