Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool and Cool deep cleansing nose strip review

If blackheads on your nose have been giving you sleepless nights and you thought the  nose strips was the answer to your prayers, beware not all nose strips are created equal.

I don't have a black head problem, just one or two tiny ones might rear their ugly head on my nose once in a while, till last month my skin was getting extremely greasy specially around my nose area and I wanted something that would clear up excess sebum and help prevent blackhead so I decided to try out this Cool & Cool Deep cleansing nose strip.

It looked innocuous enough,and came easy to use directions. After applying this on my nose, I got a feeling like I have stuck some tape with nasty glue on my nose.
Now I understand the idea that the sticky glue would pull out the blackheads, but this felt uncomfortable as it dried up on my nose.

Directions of use and ingredients

 Priced at Rs 49/- for a single strip its available at New U stores
And now be prepared to be grossed out, here is the strip after use. Sorry about posting this pic, but well the review wouldn't be relevant without it.
This is a zoomed in picture, as you can see, it didn't pull out even a single blackhead (admittedly I didn't have too many to start with,but it didn't work on whatever little ones I had)
Worse still was how it left the skin on my nose feeling bruised,dried and stretched and generally very uncomfortable.

Will I repurchase- Abso-freaking-lutely NOT!! This might work for someone with very prominent Black heads,or a higher threshold for self inflicted pain, for lesser mortals like me, it was just not worth the trouble of bruising & skinning my nose over this little nose strip.If you see this in stores, steer away and keep walking, no don't even look at it,your nose will thank you for it.

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  1. hee hee... who knew bad nose day existed too? i've had blackheads removed once and it frikkin hurt!! with those pointy things in the parlour *shivers* NEVER again!

  2. I am officially off nose strips because I've found my true blackhead removing love in gelatin! Works great!

  3. i have this and have not used it yet and now, i doubt whether i should or not.:))))

  4. all nose strips look like torture strips to me!!

  5. I have this..yet to try though..



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