Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korres Zea Mays blush Peach

Peeps say Hello to my "Korres Zea Mays blush in Peach" 
If you are wondering what is this fancy schmancy new ingredient "Zea Mays "in my Korres blush read on to find out more :)

"Korres was originally established in 1996 out of Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy to provide a line of skin and earth-friendly products. By using active natural extracts Korres delivers clinically-proven results while avoiding harmful synthetic compounds. These environmentally-conscious products also ensure maximum skin compatibility. "

Greece is home to an impressive amount of natural flora, and Korres Plant Hunters travel Greece, and the world, to discover rare plants that can be used for cosmetic purposes, ensuring that Korres products are always on the forefront of the newest natural innovations.

"Today, Korres Natural Products is Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company. It features over 400 natural and/or certified organic products in over 30 countries around the world. With products that are both serious and sensuous, Korres is the most sought-after natural skincare by consumers, celebrities, and beauty insiders alike."
 With a silky texture that glides on skin effortlessly

Korres Zea Mays blush-owes its origin to humble cornflour (Zea Mays for the un-initiated ;)
  • Kooes blush are formulated with corn starch powder particles to illuminate skin
  • Gives a smooth, natural & long-lasting finish
  • Dermatologically-tested, free of mineral oil, propylene glycol or ethanolamine
Check out the casing- OMG that calligraphic brushwork on the case is just surreal!!

 The blush comes in an ultra chic square casing, looks very classy and is probably the most stylishly packaged blush I own.

All Korres products are free of Mineral oil,Propylene glycol and Ethanolaminesand are formulated using natural ingredients.

This blush is priced at $ 24/ Rs 1360/- approx for 6 grams of product.

The blush is extremely finely milled and has a rich velvety smoothness to it, the shade is a muted peach with pearled gold sheen (extremely light sheen).

 The pigmentation of the blush is poor, I have to use a dense blush brush to pack on the color and go in for 4-5 swipes to build the color.
The shade comes of very sheer and leaves the softest barely discernible color. This particular shade will work best of fair to medium skinned gals (Those above NC42 in MAC might want to give it a miss and the shade is too light to show up very well on duskier tones). I quite like it, 'coz this is the only blush I find wearable at work, where I need the lightest hint of color on my cheeks.

Overall recommendation- If you hate glittery, shimmery blushes and are looking subtle sophisticate blush with just a hint of color and natural ingredients you'd love Korres Peach blush. This is not a highly pigmented blush and will be great for office wear, or subtle day looks. If you are a makeup beginner who feels overwhelmed by intricacies f where & how to apply the blush on your cheeks, you'd love Korres Peach blush 'coz this is so subtle its difficult to go wrong with it. 
The product quality & packaging is top notch, pricing is high but you can find it currently at great discount at Avoid Korres blushes if you are looking at statement cheeks 'coz this might be too subtle for your taste.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Mr. Zea Mays Peach,Have a great Wednesday everyone :)

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  1. i think its more of highlighter than blush na

  2. I love such blush cum highlighter shades :)



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