Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose Review & lip swatches

On the lookout for Dreamy Creamy Luxurious rich lip color? Then show some love to Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick.
Bobbi Brown lipsticks were an object of my desire forever, so after years & years of waiting I finally snagged Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose during my recent Strawberrynet haul.
Plum Rose is a plum pink with a creamy finish and soft shine.In the tube it looks more like dirty mauvey pink and I half expected the shade to look flat and lifeless on my lips, but Oh My! was I in for a surprise. 
Plum rose is a deliciously pigmented, feather light lipstick and gives full coverage in a single swipe.Love the soft focus sheen on it and the lipstick is very hydrating.This shade is very versatile and would be universally flattering on all Indian skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick Plum Rose on NC 45 skin in bright sunlight
What Bobbi says about her lippie "Bright, get-noticed color. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF 12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi's latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it's creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look.

Featured in Real Simple magazine's "5 Worth-it-splurges" (March 2012) and the Today Show for its long-lasting, non-drying formula as well as wide range of shades that complement all skin tones. Also featured in Redbook (July 2011) and Allure (July 2011)."

The packaging- The lipstick comes in a classy matte black square tube, the lipstick tube ports a glossy matte band in the middle and the Iconic MUA's name Bobbi Brown is emblazoned at the base of the lipstick. The cap has a black sponge lining inside to prevent bumps and nicks in the lipstick.There is no color coded sticker at the base of the tube to identify the color.

  • Gives a pure, intense & luminous color
  • With a lightweight texture that glides on effortlessly
  • Features a creamy & nourishing formula
  • Creates a satiny, vibrant & seductive pout
  • Absolutely fragrance and taste free
  • Stays on for 5 hours and the color holds up well
  •  Availability
  • Price -price $22 /INR 1298 approx (Seriously at full price it costs an Arm & a Leg)currently unboxed version of this shade is available at for INR 819/-
 Pic clicked in natural light
Overall Thoughts- For once I would have to agree with all the tall claims & hype of a lipstick, its an indulgence, but the luxurious feel, stunning shade and hydrated lips totally make it worth every penny. I would say its money well spent-I'd give it full 5 Stars & Highly recommend it!! I'm eying Guava and Old Hollywood from this range ;) Do try and get your paws on this one if you can.

XOXO everyone

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  1. That is a yummy looking colour! Price though.. *gulp* Although, I guess stuff by MAC is no less, you pay for quality. :)

  2. that is sooo pretty and u have lovely lips too :)

  3. thats looks gorgeous and stunning on you...

  4. Its a gorgeous color pooja!

  5. gorgeousss...I want guava from this range

  6. I have Rose Blossom and Guava in this range. Amazing

    And this looks so good

  7. I have Guava and I love it. It is one of my best lipsticks. SO you get guava, I get plum rose because I love how it looks on you.!!:D

  8. ooooo! such a prettty shadeee!
    5 hrs is v.impressive

  9. looks gorgeous on u pooja...I have the creamy lip color and love I want to try the rich lip color seeing ur review ;)

  10. such a pretty shade Poo..looks creamy n rich..:)

  11. wow lovely ! this goes to my wish list

  12. beautifulllllll Pooja :D :D soooo very beautiful :D



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