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Discover your Perfect Match with New Pond’s White Beauty

Discover your Perfect Match with
New Pond’s White Beauty
After decades of intensive research dawns a new era of scientific discovery.
Pond’s delivers their first ever GenWhite™ formula that works with your unique skin to unlock spot-less** radiant skin from the source in just 7 days.
At Pond’s, we choose to celebrate every woman’s individuality. We understand that every woman is unique. We all have different hair; eyes, bodies, and above all, we all have different skin and different complexions.
We also believe that being truly beautiful is not about superficially fixing flaws and imperfections or hiding behind a mask applied onto the surface of your skin. We believe that true beauty can only be unlocked from within. Only when that happens can beauty shine through with a joyous radiance that is full of life.
The quest for this kind of beauty begins with the understanding that every woman’s skin is unique and requires beauty solutions that can adapt to an individual’s unique needs.
Customized beauty solutions at your fingertips 

After researching with over 20,000 genes, the Pond’s Institute identified a specific gene that significantly affects melanin production. Through this discovery, our most effective skin lightening formulation has been created and bottled in the New Pond’s White Beauty Jar. It contains the revolutionary GenWhite™ formula, which adapts to your unique Skin to successfully lighten and even-out your complexion and prevent discolorations at the source. What’s amazing about it is that the product works differently on each person. So, if there are areas on your skin that need extra help and contain more melanin, the formula concentrates on lightening and brightening those exact problem spots.
The Star Ingredients
Pond’s White Beauty contains two star ingredients that reveal spot-less radiance by working directly with your Skin. Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinimide, deeply lightens and fades the toughest dark spots. It works with the genes to inhibit the production of melanin. Hence, helping to lighten skin and reduce dark spots from the very source. Another groundbreaking component in the Pond’s White Beauty formula is 12-H.SA, a new patent-pending active that works with the genes and speeds up the lightening of spots.
Tried, Tested, and Women-Approved
At Pond’s, we know that beauty is an emotional experience for women. That’s why we chose to bottle the new Pond’s white beautyrange in modern, elegant, and sophisticatedly feminine packaging. Every moment, from opening the jar to smoothing the luxe cream on your face becomes a beautiful, sensorial experience.
Through the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs at the Pond’s Institute, the new Pond’s white beautyrange is clinically proven to deliver positive results in just 7 days.
Here’s what women have to say about their experience with the new Pond’s white beautyrange:

9 out of 10 women see the superior skin lightening results in just 7 days*

9 out of 10 women agree the product makes their skin fairer

9 out of 10 women agree the product makes their skin tone even

Introducing the new Pond’s white beauty™
Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20/PA++
Use the matte feel Day Cream daily for lightening skin from within, fading dark spots from the source, for a radiant, even toned and spot-less** complexion. See an instantly brighter face from the first application and see spot-less** radiance begin to bloom from within in just 7 days.
**Based on consumer test in 2011
Expert Views on New Pond’s White Beauty
Dr. Pushker Sona, Unilever’s R&D Director for Global Face Care CTC Skin and Regional Technology Centre
“This potent GenWhite™ formula leverages the insights on how gene switches regulate the production and dispersion of melanin, to target and influence the environment of the natural mechanisms unique to individual skin—helping to lighten skin, accelerate fading of persistent spots and unlock radiant, spot-less* skin from the source.”
Dr. Aparna Santhanam, Leading Cosmetic Physician & Expert, HUL Beauty Council
“The interesting thing about the new GenWhite™ formula is that it adopts a multi-pronged approach to tackle all the mechanisms of darkening. It also provides an excellent sun protective cover to ensure that the formulation can work effectively, while at the same time preventing further darkening. Hence, the formula promises to be an excellent holistic multi-pronged approach to tackle the problem of pigmentation and skin darkening effectively”.

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