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  Recharge Skin’s Radiance with the Power of Pomegranate

Estée Lauder believes that every woman can be beautiful, and beauty begins with radiant, well-balanced skin. Inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, Estée Lauder launched its Nutritious Collection in 2007 to help Asian women achieve healthy-looking, well-balanced skin. Today, Estée Lauder continues to offer a total approach to Asian skin’s radiant health with the introduction of NEW Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and NEW Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask. These day and night vita-mineral moisture cremes feature powerful Pomegranate, the signature ingredient of Nutritious, as well as natural extracts, essential minerals and vitamins that work together to help visibly rebalance skin and enhance skin’s natural capacity to detoxify for radiant results.

Estée Lauder scientists understand key sources of toxins, including UV light, air pollution, smoke and irritation, can compromise skin’s natural equilibrium leading to dull-looking skin. In order to provide Asian skin with the balance it critically needs in today’s increasingly harmful environment, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask contain targeted ingredients to: Neutralize, Detoxify and Infuse. By neutralizing external stressors and irritants, detoxifying environmental aggressors within skin’s surface and infusing skin with moisture and energy, skin’s balance is restored and the signs of fatigue and dullness are diminished to reveal skin that looks radiant, healthy and beautiful.

 All day, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme recharges and renews skin for a radiant, energized look delivering instant, lasting hydration and strengthening skin’s moisture barrier. Then, at night, the luscious and emollient Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask helps optimize skin’s natural renewing activities, replenishing skin with deep moisture and helping to restore skin’s balance, in order to wake up to skin with a healthy, vibrant glow. When used together as part of the complete Nutritious regimen, the synergistic effect is remarkable, resulting in beautiful, well-balanced skin with a look of radiant health.


During the day, skin needs to be continuously protected from external stressors and irritants, whereas at night, skin’s primary function is to renew itself. Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask contain NEW Pomegranate Extract to deliver our most powerful Pomegranate-derived anti-oxidant benefits ever. In combination with a blend of other anti-oxidants, it helps to neutralize external stressors and irritants during the day and improve skin’s natural defenses throughout the night, leaving skin continuously protected for a healthy, radiant look.

NEW Pomegranate Extract: Estée Lauder Scientists have long understood the super-potent anti-oxidant power of Pomegranate to neutralize free radicals, and it’s also one of the most nutrient-dense fruits ever discovered, rich in energizing vitamins and minerals. Today, Estée Lauder Research has developed a proprietary and patent-pending process known as bio-conversion, a natural fermentation and purification process that increases the bio-availability of Pomegranate to skin cells.  By converting Pomegranate into a form more readily available to cells, skin is better able to receive Pomegranate’s multitude of benefits.


During the day, impurities and toxins accumulate in the surface layer of the skin preventing proper skin functioning and cell renewal, which can lead to dull-looking skin. During the night, it is especially critical to provide the optimal environment for skin to help maximize its natural recovery process. Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask contain advanced technology to enhance skin’s natural detoxification ability helping to purify skin of stresses during the day and helping to restore skin’s balance during the night. These potent extracts help to elevate skin’s natural anti-oxidant capacity to further support skin’s natural detoxification process:

Coffee Seed Oil Extract: This unique extract actively supports the natural detoxification of impurities inside the surface layers of the skin by helping increase its natural defenses and resilience to external toxins and daily environmental aggressors. Skin becomes more balanced and its healthy appearance is restored.

Mandarin Orange Peel Extract:  Working in synergy with the Coffee Seed Oil Extract, the negative effects of toxins are minimized all day and night for balanced, detoxified skin that is revived with a vibrant glow.


 When skin lacks moisture it becomes dull and fatigued-looking, making hydration essential to healthy-looking skin. To boost skin’s hydration levels and restore skin’s youthful vitality, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask infuse skin with deep moisture and energy by increasing skin’s Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) and strengthening skin’s barrier with the following advanced ingredients:

Cucumber Extract: Boosting skin’s NMF by naturally stimulating production of skin’s own hydration mechanisms, this special extract immediately provides skin with moisture that lasts all day long. Skin becomes healthier and more supple, as it helps maintain skin’s natural resistance to assaults and minimizes irritation that can result from dehydration. Signs of fatigue are diminished as skin is infused with intense moisture for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

Barrier-Boosting Lipid Blend: Featuring Murumuru Seed Butter, Melon Fruit and Avocado Extract, this special blend of essential fatty acids helps rebuild and strengthen skin’s lipid barrier to help skin retain moisture and resist irritation. Skin is better protected against external stressors and water loss, resulting in healthy-looking, hydrated skin.

 Infuse By Day

During the day, skin cells require energy for optimal functioning. Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme contains additional ingredients which work to restore skin’s youthful vitality to provide skin with the extra energy it needs to consistently defend itself from environmental aggressors.

Soapberry Fruit and Tara Seed Extract infuse skin with the boost of energy it needs during the day. Together, these powerful ingredients work in synergy to recharge skin with vital energy for a fresh, healthy and revived look.

 Infuse By Night

 Night-time is the ideal time for skin to rest, and is therefore more receptive to the benefits of ingredients that can help to restore and revitalize skin’s appearance. New Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask contains additional naturally soothing plant extracts to infuse skin with soothing comfort at night.

Seaberry Fruit Oil, Algae and Licorice Extract, all known for their anti-irritant properties, help to restore calm to stressed skin. Skin awakens intensely hydrated, looking rested and revived the following day.  


 Inspired by the exquisite essences of the South Pacific, this illuminating scent enlightens the senses with a touch of the Orient. Sparkling Grapefruit, Chinese Orange and Black Currant blend harmoniously with the delicate fusion of Fresh Rhubarb, Asian Pear and Cherry Blossom. The subtle whispers of Lotus Flower and Pink Orchid are softened with Fruity Musk bringing a sheer finish to this natural infusion.

NEW Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme and NEW Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask  is now available at all Estée Lauder counters.

All Nutritious formulas have been created for and tested on Asian skin.

The complete Nutritious Collection includes:

New Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme

Retail Price: 3030 INR

New Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Creme/ Mask

Retail Price: 3550 INR

Estée Lauder Store locator:


The palladium

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Senapati Bapat Marg

Lower Parel


022 43473773


The collection

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Vittal allya road

Bangalore- 560001

Tel 080 40982000


Select City Walk Mall

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New Delhi

Tel 011 46151752

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