Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ladies its official I need a Big Multiple 'O' to help me sleep! 
Before you let your imaginations run wild, well I'm talking about 5 ITEMS ON MY MAKEUP LUST LIST- which have been giving me sleepless nights.

1.NARS The Multiple in shades Orgasm & Mauvi.Its an iconic product meant for multi purpose usage on the cheeks, lips ,eyes & even body if you are the adventurous kind. Its got a creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create accents, contours or highlights on all skin tones.The stick form makes for easy application and the product is beautifully pigmented & super blendable.Its been voted "Best Overall Highlighter” 2011 InStyle "Best Beauty Buys”

 image source

Click here to read in detail and check out swatches of NARS the Multiple at

2.NARS Velvet lip gloss pencil Club Mix- Gorgeously glossy sheer grape color in a jumbo lip pencil.Goes on smooth like a dream and the shade is absolutely unique.Loved it on my  lips, felt smooth and non-sticky unlike gloss. 
You can check out review of NARS Velvet lip gloss pencil Club Mix  at & swatches at

3.Dior Addict Lipstick in 811 Smoky & 626 Androgyne. These lippies with their sheer wash of color & 25% lesser wax than average lipstick are unlike any other lipstick I have ever tried.
The vivid glassy finish and the gorgeous texture! Oh my these are just breathtaking!
check out swatches at 

4.MAC Semi Precious lipstick in One of a Kind- Midtone rosy neutral in Lustrous finish, collection yet to be launched in India. Click here to check out the swatches at

image source

5.Inglot AMC Lip paint no. 62- nude brown lip paint in creamy glossy finish.

This one is a beauty staple for me, will be the 3rd one I'll be buying.. Inglot stores in Delhi are undergoing renovation till 20th Sep'11 and I'm just going crazy with the wait!

  image source inglot cosmetics

So which cosmetics are on your Lust list,the panacea for your deepest darkest makeup desires?

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  1. i lust for nars orgasm for sure and naked pallete .. nice post by the way ..

  2. Nice post.. I'm currently lusting for Mac Hug Me, Iraya Wheatgerm Massage Cream, MUFE Aqua Eye Cream in #2, MUFE Aqua Liner in 1L & Clinique Black Honey :D :D

  3. I am lusting for some nars and mac products! hope I get my hands on em soon enough.nice post

  4. I'm sure you'll love it.. go go get it!!
    i love mine in portofino and coppacabana!

    I love your wishlist, great picks hun!
    btw, i followed you..
    glad i came across your blog ^^
    hope you can follow to and join my journey,
    would love and appreciate it so much!


  5. Jeeya same pinch for the matchy-matchy wish list :) glad you liked the post

    Tanveer- I'm loving your wish list lots of great products there. You absolutely have to get Hug Me,its gorgeous shade

  6. Ammu-I wish Nars would launch in India soon I'm awaiting for Sepohra with my fingers crossed

    Rakshanda- You must try these out if u can lay hands on these the texture is gorgeous smooth & hydrating.. mmm delish

  7. Diane-Welcome to my blog and yes I'm just itching to get my paws on the NARS multiple orgasm. Btw you've got a great blog going.Following you now. Cheers

  8. I loved the shades that you have posted here. More than applying, they looked yummy. Since you are talking of make-p, I would like to know the exact way of applying foundation. What I do is mix my foundation with some Parachute summerfresh lotion and make it thin, else I feel, it is too thick to apply directly. This lotion has mint that keeps my face oil free.



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