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Makeup brushes are the most crucial beauty tools used everyday by us, but often we don't give them the pampering they deserve. So here are 5 quick tips to give your makeup brushes quick gentle cleaning to keep them soft & make them last longer.
If you are regular makeup use then you should try & give your brushes their weekly washes.

So lets get started- here's what you need to clean your makeup brushes

1. Gentle shampoo / baby shampoo
2. Lukewarm water
3. Wash basin / sink
4. Small mug / glass
5. Absorbent towel/paper towel

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1.Take a glass /mug and fill up about 1 inch depth of lukewarm water,add 1 tsp /few squirts of gentle shampoo & soak the brushes.The bristles of your brush should be completely soaked, but water should not reach the ferrule.

IMPORTANT NOTE-The brush ferrule is the metallic part of your brush which grasps the bristles and binds it to the handle.This portion is glued to the handle. Do not let this get soaked with water at any cost. The glue can loosen up and your brush can break apart from the handle.

2.Soak the brushes for 15-20 mins, take them out one by one and start with the densest brushes as they usually accumulate most product /oil & dirt. (Do this step in the wash basin/ sink area) On the palm of your hand put few drops of shampoo and rub the brush bristles against your palm.You'll see the product built up wash away gradually from the bristles, do this step 2-3 times till the bristles appear thoroughly cleaned 
(Note the makeup residue can stain the wash basin ceramic, preferably do brush cleaning on steel sink)

3.Once you have rinsed your brush, pat dry gently on the towel.Lay it down flat on the towel/ paper towel to dry completely.Try and give shape to the bristles, while draining excess water. Do not put the brushes in brush holder to dry as water will trickle down to ferrule and loosen up the glue & damage your brush.

4.If you have BrushGuard (visit then use it to ensure the bristles retain their shape while drying.You can also buy Brushguard from

5.Let your brushes dry completely before using them. Drying time will vary depending on the density of bristles.Your brushes are now clean, soft & fluffy and ready for use.

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  1. hey thanks for the tips on how to clean our makeup brushes. I usually not able to clean my makeup brushes clearly hope these tips will help me.



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