Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Being a beauty blogger and MAC Virgin? Well it sounds sacrilegious but true.So what kept me away from MAC so long?
Read on to find out more ...

Well it was Commitment-phobia. W-H-A-T?! I hear you say?

Well I've a confession to make. I lose interest in my makeup buys very soon and can count on my fingertips the makeup products I've actually finished in my life...I end up gifting away most of my makeup.

So when the rite of passage to MAC-hood came I wanted it to be a long term relationship and not a one nite stand.

I had hit pan on my compact & was on a lookout for a new one...I was particularly tired of compacts being too light, too dark.. too red.. too ashy..well you get the jist... so I headed on to nearest MAC counter having made up my mind to buy MAC Mineralized skin finish Natural or Studio Fix compact but after shade tests, swatching and inputs from helpful MUA I zeroed down on MAC Select sheer instead.

Now for soul sisters like me who feel intimidated by the whole alphabet soup of NC / NW and mumbo jumbo coding of shades and textures and functions of different compacts I'll be doing a detailed post shortly.For the time being lets keep the focus on MAC Select sheer pressed powder (SSP in short)

My requirement from the compact-I wanted something for a day to day wear usage and great for on the go touch ups.
SSP is a sheer coverage soft-focus pressed powder compact.It comes in a sleek black casing with an amazing puff applicator.The pan has 12 grams of product and is priced at INR 1200/-

This product has a beautifully milled velvety texture. Almost feels like creamy (though its powder). Its the perfect shade match for my skin. Which is indeed a blessing.SSP doesn't feel drying or cakey of chalky or powdery like tons of other compacts in the market.I've combination skin and the sultry weather makes my forehead & nose shine like an oil slick. With SSP on,it absorbs all the oiliness and imparts the soft glow to my face which look absolutely natural.

Though the ingredient lists Titanium Dioxide, the product doesn't mention any SPF protection.

I'd personally have preferred a separate section to store the puff in the case.It gives great results with the puff, else if I'm a rush I just use a large power brush for quick application.

This is the exact shade of NC 45 in natural daylight.It doesn't oxidizes on my skin and the shade looks natural even after 2-3 touch-ups on my 14 hour work days. You can wear it on top of your foundation for heavier coverage, otherwise even on its own its can brighten up your face.

Notice the velvety finish of the powder in the swatch below.

All in all I'd highly recommend to those looking for natural soft focus,sheer daily wear fuss-free compact. I've been using it for 3 weeks daily and I'm hooked on to this one is going to be a repeat buy whenever I hit the pan on this compact.

As far as my long term commitment phobia goes, well this relation is for keeps..Anyways for a makeup junkie MAC is like Hotel California....
You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave ;)

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  1. Nice post...Love the way you write..I too am a Mac virgin but will get a cosmo very soon..:-)

    Do partiicipate in my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush giveaway

  2. Nice post. Hmm yup I am a Mac virgin too. Maybe in near future will try my luck :)

    Please do the post on NC/NW thingy soon :)

  3. wow i was also wanting to buy this and a liquid foundation from Mac, nice post and the way you wrote it made it more interesting...:))

  4. That was a nice read! I too hardly manage to finish anything :P

  5. Prachi-So glad you liked it, MAC virgins of the World unite, even I have a MAC Lippie on my wishlist-One of a kind from their Semi precious collections. Lets see when it will hit the Indian shores :)

  6. Indgal-Thanks dear & Congrats on crossing 50 posts + 50 followers. Best of luck on your MAC purchase. Will be posting over the weekend on the NC / NW story in detail :)

  7. SSG-Yoo Hoo so happy you liked the post.I was wondering if you guys would think I've gone over to the dark side with all my talk about one night stands with my makeup!! LOL :)

  8. Tanveer- so happy that you liked my post :) well it seems like the bane of beauty bloggers, we just buy newer products and never finish the old ones. I'm actually on a no-buy on color cosmetics till the time I make a major dent in my current stash... how are you coping up ?



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