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Remember those old Onida ads we saw as kids?- The Green eyed Onida Devil spouting "Neighbour's envy owner's pride".Seems the Green eyes never went out of fashion.So when Poohkie decided to Go Green eyed (no not with envy,my laddoos for fun of course),NYX Eye Pencil in Emerald City was the weapon of her choice.

Was it love at first sight? Read on to find out more


Claim/Description: The creamy, long-wearing eye liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. These come in 40 entrancing shades—from seafoam green to black glitter (according to the NYX website). I think these have been repackaged as ‘Slim Eye Pencils’.

My Review: This is the final NYX product that I am reviewing & it’s a gorgeous green eye pencil. I love eye pencils and have upwards of 20. Fortunately, I didn’t have this shade of green, so it’s a perfect addition to my collection. 

Packaging: I love the simple black packaging, which seems to be a trademark of NYX products. The base of the pencil is coloured, so it’s easy to identify if you have many such pencils. However, I do wish that the lid was also coloured – it would have made things much easier. In any case, the pencil looks quite classy. 

Formulation: The pencil is nicely pigmented and one swipe is enough. However, it’s not the smoothest pencil around.
Shade: It doesn’t exactly look Emerald Green; it looks more like Dark Spring Green. In any case, it’s a beautiful dark green shade, which will suit a variety of skin tones.

Net Wt: 1 gms Cost: Rs 295 (In India), $3.5 (From Cherry culture)



What I like:
1.      Over 40 different shades available (if you’re buying online). That too such beautiful, unique shades.
2.      Available in shimmers, glittery and plain shades.
3.      Nice pigmentation.
4.      Will last for hours if set with powder.
5.      If bought in India, these are fairly cheap when compared to the higher end ‘drug store’ brands like Revlon & L’Oreal. If bought online, these are almost always available with offers/discounts.
6.      I really like the black packaging. It’s much classier than a lot of other pencils.
7.      I like that the base of the pencil is the same colour as the shade.
8.      Easily available from foreign online stores & fairly inexpensive too.
9.      Hypoallergenic.
10.  Cruelty Free – No animal testing or animal products.

What I dislike:
1.      These are not very creamy or smooth.
2.      They do smudge & bleed, especially if applied on the lower lash line. However, I use it on the upper lash line & set with powder.
3.      In India it’s available only in certain stores, at a much higher cost. Also, very few shades are available in India.
4.      I prefer eye products to be odorless – this has a slight clay-like smell.
5.      I have no idea why it says ‘eyebrow’ pencil. I can’t imagine anyone using a green pencil on the brows.

Note: If you’re buying online, be sure to Google for swatches as the swatches on sites are not at all accurate.
Rating: 3/5
Will I purchase: Yes, for other shades (but only online).
Recommend: Yes, to online purchases. You get such a wide array of gorgeous shades from online stores that you don’t get in India.

Many thanks to Pooja for letting me guest blog for her. I hope all the readers of Indian Beauty Central enjoyed my reviews.

P.S by Pooja- 3 cheers for Poohkie! All your guests were super fun, I'm sure NYX lovers all over would be glad that you put up such detailed reviews and great swatches, it made it so much easier for rest of us to decide on the NYX products we need to haul! Cheers

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