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Over the centuries, February 14th, Valentine’s Day has become firmly associated with love, romance and sweethearts everywhere. Whether pursuing new love or rekindling existing loves, Jewellery is a perfect choice as a symbol of love for Valentine’s Day. Ladies find this a most romantic gift. Jewellery & special moments go together on Valentine’s Day. Say `I love you' with a precious, beautiful and lasting gift this Valentines. Designer Jewellery is always a superb choice. 

There is also ethnic as well as contemporary jewellery for the modernists. Ask any woman about a piece of jewellery she's wearing and you'll hear a tale of romance, travel, adventure, friendship, celebration or personal epiphany. Choosing jewellery as your Valentine's Day gift, expresses your love and gratitude. Stick with tradition this Valentine’s Day.

Gehna Jewellers brings you most exquisite pieces of earrings and rings studded with uncut diamonds and rubies to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Red signifies passion and diamonds are forever!

“The Valentine’s Day special line of Gehna Jewellers is individualistic, elegant, sensual, and full of romance, the preferred stones for this line are diamonds and rubies,” says Sunil Datwani (Director, Gehna Jewellers).

Available at : 
Kakad Palace, Turner Road,
Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400050.
Tel:- (022)61201234.

After a structural redevelopment, Mr Sunil Datwani branched out of his 25 year old original business & now heads GEHNA Jewellers. The brand, even now, is housed in the same premises when launched in 1986. Mr Datwani’s expertise & experience of the past 25 years has made GEHNA a strong force to reckon.
With a well experienced design team, GEHNA adheres to the latest in jewellery design & production. Our ability to incorporate conceptual design into magnificent jewellery & caring attention to detail has become our much sought-after talent. We thus bring a completely different perspective & level of complexity to our jewellery. Our fresh outlook on creativity & design results in jewellery that is dynamic & vibrant, jewellery that is crafted to client desire & practicality. Jewellery that is sure to bring out the DIVA  in a woman! It beautifully compliments a woman’s personality, adding greatly to her charisma, charm, sex appeal & aura.

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