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Cosmedic Brightening face wash and Lumi day lotion

A while back Cosmedic sent me a few of their skincare products for review. When I read more about Cosmedic my interest was piqued by the fact it was created by a team of Doctors,specially catering to Indian skin's requirements and each product was backed by detailed information of test results.After using the products for over 2 months I thought I'll share my own experiences with the brand.

Cosmedic is the first brand that is formulated, tested and approved by dermatologists in India by a team of doctors from the US and India,
Dr. Kiran Lohia is a Columbia University graduate and a United States trained M.D. specializing in Dermatology.

 She is also American Board Certified with a further degree in Aesthetic Medicine Having additionally completed a Diploma course in Cosmetic Science through the U.K. Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Dr. Kiran Lohia has the distinction of being the one of the first physicians with both advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Chemistry knowledge.
Dr. Kiran Lohia then collaborated with doctors, chemists and scientists around the world, and sponsored research in specialized Dermatology Research Centres in France, Italy, Spain and the USA. Breakthrough advanced technologies were created to specifically solve the prevalent skin problems. Finally Cosmedic was born.

Lumi Day Brightening Day Lotion with SPF 30++

What it claims- "Daily-use facial moisturizer significantly reduces dullness and discoloration while correcting the appearance of marks. Our proprietary Concentrated Hydroxy Complex delivers a potent mix of 4% Alpha Hydroxy Acids combined with Natural Moisturising Factors for gentle yet effective results. Broad spectrum  SPF 30++ simultaneously prevents further pigmentation from occurring. Free of hydroquinone, steroids, and other irritating demelanizing agents. Hypoallergenic and Non-Comedogenic!"

I liked the idea of using skincare products specially formulated by Doctors.The Lumi Day Brightening Day Lotion also offers robust sun protection of SPF 30++.The packaging is simple and slick,almost vaguely reminds me of Clinique's packaging.The lotion comes with a pump dispenser which I find very handy.

The lotion is white in color and has a funky smell,... remember those fevicol glue tubes?Well... oddly its looks and smells quite like the glue. The high SPF factor means it doesn't quite sink in to my skin,instead almost feels like a white slick on my skin. It doesn't deliver enough hydration to my skin and I feel the strong need to apply some serum or moisturizer as a first layer on my skin before applying the Lumi Day Brightening Day Lotion.Apart from a white cast on my skin I didn't really experience any brightening after using the lotion.

(You can see the whitish slick sheen on my skin,despite blending it in for good 2 minutes ,the lotion didn't completely sink in to my skin)
 Priced at Rs 450/- for 60 ml, this lotion didn't deliver much of visible benefits on my skin neither did it do any damage to my skin, so I'm really on the fence with this one.

Alpha-Q Brightening Face wash

What it claims-"Our brightening facial wash is clinically proven to rapidly improve pigmentation, even out skin tone and smooth skin texture. Proprietary Alpha-Q complex delivers a therapeutic concentration of 4% Alpha Hydroxy Acids while simultaneously balancing the skin barrier, providing you with quick results without any irritation. of Free of hydroquinone, steroids, and other irritating demelanizing agents.
Hypoallergenic - Non-Comedogenic - Oil-Free - Non-Drying - Skin-Safe pH"

How to use-Gently massage cleanser onto damp face to create a rich lather. Rinse clean with water. Use twice daily.

My experience-This Un-assuming face wash comes in exactly the same pump dispenser packaging as the Lumi day brightening lotion.It has a liquid light gel like consistency with very faint fragrance.

Contrary to claims it doesn't lather too well,but it has very delicate cleansing effect. It doesn't dry out your skin or leave it feeling stretched.It has a nice calming effect on my skin and I've pretty much finished my entire bottle.Its a great everyday use gentle cleanser which will work well even on sensitive skin types.I have used this face wash for weeks independent of the the Lumi day brightening lotion and I did find improvement in my skin clarity and brightness,interestingly I even had people comment on my clearer skin.

Between these two brightening products I used,I'd recommend you try the Brightening face wash. Its sufficiently gentle on the skin,I will repurchase this face wash.  

My overall thoughts on Cosmedic- I'm glad to see Doctors developing much needed skin care solutions that too in our very own country. Currently I feel the products are a mixed bag the 2 cleansers I have tried so far worked well for me but the moisturizing lotion didn't rock my boat.
I think their formulations and their website is still in nascent evolution phase & I hope with time they are able to get their entire products range to a uniformly high level.I plan to try out their face masks and under eye products to get an idea if these work well for me.Considering most of their products are priced in the Rs 450-850/- range I feel it would be nice if they could sell some smaller SKU maybe like sachets,so we people are able to sample their products before committing to the full sized bottles.

Have you tried Cosmedic products yet? Comment and share your experience with Dermatologist recommended skincare products?

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