Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nivea powerfruit relax shower gel & soft rose lip balm review

Nivea sent across a little goodie bag to me a few weeks back, I was super thrilled by this cutesy eco-friendly bag with retro pinups. I've been asked by friends countless times where did I snag this one from..its really cute!
In the 'IT' bag were two latest fruity and floral based launches from Nivea for Spring Summer season.I love toting this little bag around, isn't it like the cutest thing ever?
I have been testing both these products for a while now, but as I was banished from the virtual world I couldn't post the reviews. Finally now that I finally have broadband,I have decided to power ahead and get on with my regular posting schedule.

 First up the trusty good old shower gel from  Nivea, it comes with a blue sidekick of a loofah
.Its supposed to be charged with the goodness of acai berry and blueberries.This is pH skin balanced and dermatologically approved.The packaging looks nice and soothing and is functional with a simple flip top.
The gel is mildly fragrant and texture is just right not too thick, not to runny.Its leaves my skin feeling fresh, though not superbly hydrating I can get by with a light moisturizing lotion after using this shower gel.
Priced at Rs 175/- for 250 ml its a good value for money everyday shower gel.I'd recommend and would be checking out more variants in this range

Next up is Nivea Soft rose lip balm. Nivea lip balms are some of my beauty staples,I love to have a few stashed around my house and in my handbags for those lip emergencies ;) I was uber excited about Nivea Soft rose lip balm,its supposed to be infused with scent of roses and jojoba oil and lock in the moisturizer.Alas its the most craptastic Nivea lip balm I've ever come across.It claims to smell of roses and jojoba,it has an unusual plant like smell, definitely nothing like Damascus smells like some lab created faux sickeningly sweet smell....'Me no likey'
Another downside is that unlike most Nivea lipbalms which are super hydrating this one felt too waxy and didnt hydrate my lips. Even the finish is just bleh flat no shine, no glossy and no real sheen, just a pale frosty finish..honestly quite disappointed with this one.

Nivea soft rose lip balm, looks juicy in the tube, but on the lips it gives a weird frosty dull sheen,I'm seriously looking for some nice things to say about this one...

Overall this new bunch of Nivea's launches have been a bit of mix bag, the whole fruity floral theme is visual fun but while the shower gel still gets a stamp of approval from me, the Soft rose lip balm is a no go.
And I think Nivea's gotta start selling these cutesy canvas totes I promise to snag a whole bunch then :)

Have you tried out these new launches from Nivea yet? Comment and tell

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