Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let your skin do all the talking this summer with FACES Canada

As the summer rages on, protect your skin so you don’t have to suffer from the season’s skin problems.

With Summer comes the season of hot weather, humidity and chlorine that always takes a toll on our skin. This makes it all the more difficult for us to keep our skin safe, protected and beautiful. Here we have for you few basic skincare tips from FACES Cosmetics to keep your skin fresh and dewy though out, even when the mercury continues to stay high.

1.     Stay hydrated. Your body tends to lose a lot of moisture in the summer, so it’s important to regularly replenish the H2O. Drink a lot of water and liquids and your skin will stay soft and moisturized as well.

2.     Cleanse your face twice a day. This is important to clean your face even if you’ve been home all day and feel like your skin is clean. Clean your skin with FACES Oil Control Facewash specially suited with this hot humid weather.

3.     Sun protection.  Being Sun safe is a must in this weather. Always go for a moisturizer with SPF content. Moisturize your Skin with FACES Youthful Look everyday for a hydrated glowing skin.

4.     Use a toner. It’s important to keep your pores closed and skin cool by using a toner. Go for FACES Refreshing  toner. Its natural cooling properties make it an excellent toner for the hot season.

5.     Exfoliate. More than the rest of the year, it’s really important to exfoliate your skin in the summer to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation to the face. Choose from the range of FACES Upper Canada Face Scrubs. Follow it up with FACES Oil Control action Mask and a light water based moisturizer.  Along with our face its equally important to take care of our body. Exfoliate your body with  FACES Upper Canada Fruit Frappe exfoliating scrub shower gels.

Follow these few simple tips and this summer let your skin do all the talking without any worries with FACES Cosmetics.


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  1. Looks nice.. have you tried them?
    I have only been using Oriflame products off late and loving the toner, moisturizer and cleanser from the optimals range.. it has really improved my skin..



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