Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shoe Fetish,my crazzy shoes haul & my favorite Dirrrty Dozen!

I've been a bad bad Girl!.. Don't believe me, have a dekkho at my Dirrrty Dozen!
My shoe fetish went a tad overboard this sale season, look at what the Devil made me shop these past few weeks ;)

Which brands did I mostly haul? 
Stuff from Clarks, Marks & Spencers,Catwalk,Enroute,Linea,Naturalizer....Catwalk is a definite favorite of mine for casual footwear. Naturalizers shoes are uber comfortable for long work days and my favorite casual brown gladiator-esque shoes are from M & S..

Front row (left to right) all formals shoes-black and maroon peep toe heels from Naturalizer, black round toe mid heel shoes from Clarks , black croc leather Italian made shoes from Linea & camel brown strappy sandals from Naturalizer.

Second row (left to right) Catwalk black and gold roman sandals,Catwalk blush colored peep toes,Enroute brown and orange ballerinas and Marks and Spencer black strappy kitten heels.

Back row (left to right) brown and gold buckled ballerina flats from Enroute, Black and beige brogue shoes from catwalk,strappy wedge heels with embellishments from Catwalk and grey peep toes again from Catwalk.
 Flat casuals from Catwalk and Enroute

 High heel casuals from Catwalk

My current favorite,this brown pair is from M & S and is oh so comfy!
 Formal functional shoes from Naturalizer
Well if you are wondering how much did I splurge on shoes, well lets just say it would cover the budgetary deficit of a Third World country! :P

Ahemmmm.. now I need some bright colored peep toes for the Spring-Summer season and a few dainty stilettos and maybe a few ballerinas and some flip flops... hmmm do I see you raising an eyebrow? 
Oh well a Girl's gotta shop :D
Comment & tell me your favorite brand of shoes!

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  1. I need that Black and beige brogue shoes from catwalk from the day it was launched.. I went to every catwalk store and no one is aware of this design! I still need that one badly...i wish I could stop them somewhere online.....

  2. Lovely Haul :D, Hey are these shoes available in size 9 or ten?

  3. My mum got some catwalk ones from either Dubai and India and they're great! Can't believe you bought all of these in the past few weeks. I need to pick up some shopping habits from you :P

  4. OMG..... That was an awesome haul! Loved the M & S one...

  5. Pooja, you would have spent your whole month's pay for these! I wish I could also splurge like this :-) I loved the one from naturalizer the most

  6. oooo...amazing..I have a shoe fetish too..;) I loved those M & S strappy kitten heels..

  7. I love buying foot wear... shoe hauls are something I njoy a lot



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