Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Avène helps you get closer to the sun this summer!

Summer brings with it a host of skin care worries, and what better way to groom yourself this season than with AVÈNE range of sun protection.

· Formulated with the natural Avène Thermal Spring Water, the AVÈNE range has natural therapeutic properties on the skin (anti inflammatory, anti free radicals and soothing effect).
· Thanks to a unique combination of patented sunscreens agents, AVENE products give very High level of protection – with SPF factor 50. The range is a complete answer to problems related to sun radiation that include sun tan, sun burn, photo aging, risk of skin cancer, photodermatosis, photosensibilisation risk, problems post dermatological/ cosmetological procedure and prevention of chloasma during pregnancy.                                                     

· AVÈNE Sun protection products are not only formulated in remarkably pleasant-to-use textures but also are highly water and perspiration resistant (an important aspect in the Indian hot and humid weather conditions). The cosmetic appeal of the formula is remarkable as the ultra-fluid, silky soft emulsions are non-shiny and leave the skin satin-smooth.
· The products fulfill the needs of every skin type in India by offering two variants: one for dry to very dry sensitive skin and the other for normal and combination sensitive skin.
· The formula are Paraben Free (ingredients known to cause skin allergies) which boasts about their quality and effectiveness along with excellent cosmetic qualities. The products are 100% photostable which means the formulation does not degrade after exposure to sun.
· The unique packaging delivers a precise quantity of product on each pump, allowing application of correct quantity by consumers for a complete protection. (e.g. seven pump for face and neck of an adult).

The entire range of products has been meticulously researched and developed to ensure that Avène is the optimal solution to today’s growing awareness on sun protection.
Lip balm- 3g tube-650 INR 
Cream-50 ml tube-1250 INR     
Spray-200ml Spray bottle-2050 INR     
Avène products are available at all organized chemist stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Find the nearest location on our website

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  1. I love Avene ! I have one of these products that you described



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