Monday, March 4, 2013

Omved Ultra light Day and Night moisturiser

Omved is holistic lifestyle brand retailing products which take care of your physical and spiritual well being.Every Omved product is based on the 5000 year old Vedic scriptures,product range is as diverse as apparel, devotional material,yoga,skincare etc. A brainchild of Priti Mehta and Sucheta Khandwala; Omved is the newest venture of the J.E. Hammer Group, a privately held multi-national, multi-business German conglomerate, highly respected globally for its trust and integrity.

All of Omved's skincare products are created with ethically sourced material and in accordance with principles of Ayurveda.Omved Ultra light Day and Night moisturiser is one such herbal elixir which is free of harsh chemicals and create a soothed skin.

Packaging-The lotion is packaged in dark brown heavy glass bottle and gives it a bit of medicinal look, the dark opaque glass makes it nearly impossible to figure out how much product has been used up. The pump dispenser is a great addition.
Free of parabens,silicones, petrochems, phthalates and other such gunk! (Thank God for small mercies!!)

The plastic cap is made of hard transparent plastic and is extremely breaking and shatter prone (even without any rough handling)
This gives a bit of tacky feel to the overall packaging and also makes it very travel un-friendly.
First thing you'd notice upon opening the bottle is the really strong herbal aroma, I could actually smell herbs and grassy earthy smell, its not offensive yet if you are used to fragranced skincare products it does take some time to get used to the fragrance.
The moisturizer is thin & light in consistency, doesn't has any greasy residue and is easily absorbed by the skin. Though I find it useful as a daytime moisturizer for the night time usage I prefer to use richer,hydrating creams without any SPF.
After using it for over a week I found my skin was well behaved, I didn't wake up to an oil slick on my face.It provided a light moisturization, though after 6 odd hours I felt the need to reapply moisturizer (considering I'm indoors in A.C. environment full day, sin tends to dry up quickly)

Overall Thoughts- If you are nature lover and want some quality ayurvedic skin care formulation do check out Omved Ultra light Day and Night moisturizer, but we forewarned about strong herbal aroma.Go for it if you need a light day time moisturizing fluid without harmful chemicals.Available at select Omved boutiques and online at

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  1. thanks for the review, i have oily skin and i think i should give it a try

  2. Thanks for the skin but I have extremely dry skin and this one won't probably work for me. I am using parachute advansed body lotion, it has coconut oil. It's said that coconut oil reaches deep into the skin. Don't know about that but my skin is happy after using it.



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