Sunday, June 5, 2011


Aloha Ladies! Today's eyes of the day is inspired by Glamour Doll Eyeshadow Island chic.I've done a blue & green Tropical Island inspired look.

For this look I'Ve used

Glamour Doll eyeshadow-Island Chic (applied all over the lid)
Shimmery tropical green eyeshadow from 120 eyeshadow palette (version 1) (row 2 column 3 in the palette,used all over lid as a base)
Lakme 9 to 5 Eyeliner in Jade (used as a base all over eyelid, applied over primer)
Lakme Glide on Color Eyeliner-Turquoise (used on lower lash line)
Shimmery white Highlighter(applied under brow arches) & bronze eyeshadow (applied on inner corner) & matte black for shading outer corner- all from 120 eyeshadow palette
Maybelline Colossal Mascara 
Oriflame eyelash curler

Check it out & let me know if you liked it :)

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  1. Nice name for the look. Loved the tutorial. If you dont my suggestion pics arent that clear as the hello yellow. It would be great if they were clear. Btw, I saw your inglot review. I so loved the review. Any ideas if I were to choose between 15,16 and 17 which one would you suggest for my skintone I am tan color (NC40 for reference).Which one has more peach color to them. Planning to get them online.

  2. Have you bought the lip paint in a pot? What is the difference between the one you get in the pot and the lipapint that you get in the cube, Other than the gloss? Is it the same thing?

  3. Hi Esha, Thanks so much fro your compliments on the look, gee I'm thrilled! Well my camera's really old & has been acting up,so sorry the images were not as sharp as I'd liked them to be.I guess I need to give a decent burial to my old camera & get a fancy schmancy SLR soon :D

  4. About your Inglot Lip pain/lip gloss,I've used both the lip duos (in cube) & AMC Lip paint(in a pot).
    The Lip duos have a wider shade selection also as they've a shimmery gloss you effectively get 2 products (lip paint & shimmery lip gloss) in one. However they are prone to melting & create a mess.
    The AMC (Advanced makeup component) lip paint has non shimmery creamy glossy finish,the product texture & color payoff is exactly same as lip duo, the pot packaging is far more secure.Many of the shades overlap in the Lip duo & Lip paint collection.

    Lip duo no. 16 (corresponding shade no. 62 in AMC Lip paint)is a gorgeous nudish brown and looks great on tan skin. For a beautiful mauve try Lip duo in shade 26.
    For a peachy coral you can try AMC Lip Paint no. 60.

    Hope this helps, do click on Follow button to get latest updates on Inglot :)

  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. I think I will get the Duo. I dont have an inglot store nearby so planning to shop online at . I think I will get the duo so that I can try both. Do you think lip duo 15 is too light as in the pics it looked to me light.
    Yes dear I will click on the follow button. =)

  6. Hi Esha, I think my last reply got deleted. Shopping online off Inglot is good idea, most of their color swatches on the INGLOT website are fairly accurate. If you have wheatish skin and mildly pigmented lips, Lip Duo no. 15 will be perfect Nude shade for you,ou can pair it with dark smokey eyes & it'll look ultra chic.If you have dark pigmented lips then try Shade no. 16.If you want something mauvy then go for Lip Duo no. 26.



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