Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We all  have experienced that nagging back pain,and despite that short term cure of popping in pain killers there are some other simple yet effective tips can help you soothe your achy-breaky back

1.Get rid of that giant hand bag. 


Ever since genormous handbags the size of a mini apartment became all the rage, fashionistas have been lugging around many pounds /kgs of excess weight in their handbags. Unknowingly straining their shoulder & back muscles for many hours daily.
De-clutter your handbag, pare it down to bare essentials.Switch to a sleek & trendy backpack if you need to carry laptop & keep your wallet & beauty essentials in the backpack Remember to wear the backpack straps on both shoulders

2.Find comfy footwear

Those six inch heels , though look sexy, do enormous damage to your foot ,knees and back. Invest in good brands which manufacture high quality footwear. Remember if a shoe in not comfortable in any way at the time of purchase don't buy it thinking the fit or comfort will improve later. Keep heels to max 2 inch height during working days. Explore flats / ballerinas/ flip flops/gladiator footwear and save those heels for parties.
Avoid driving with very high heels as it puts extra strain on your ankles which accelerating /braking/changing gears etc.
If you must wear heels, wear flats during your commute and change to high heels  when required. You back will love you for this <3

3. Wear right support bras- If you are top heavy/busty your back takes a beating on a continuous basis.Get yourself properly measured at the lingerie store & buy some sturdy support bras.This should alleviate your back pain.

4.Improve your posture-If you slouch / droop your shoulders or have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, bad psture will add to your back woes.Keep that spine ram rod straight.

5.Put a pillow under your knees while sleeping sideways. This will help relax your back. You can also consider special mattress & /or pillows for people with back problems.

6.Get a Massage-well this one is self explanatory, if you have a chronic condition or acute back pain get yourself tested by a orthopedic doctor & under go requisite physiotherapy.

7.Increase your calcium intake- for strong bones you need to increase your calcium intake  via dairy products else take requisite supplements.

8.In case of past arthritic & / or osteoporosis history in your parents-get yourself checked at the first sign of back trouble rather than wait for situation to flair up.

9.Stretch your back- consult your physical trainer/ gym instructor / Yoga teacher for some basic stretch exercises.

10.Lose weight-In case you are over weight, you'll need to lose some weight to relieve extra pressure on your spine.

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