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Hey girls, after 2 week long gap I'm finally back !!! Past few weeks have been absolutely crazy for me, with tremendous work load at office, guests coming over and finally modem conking off (so I had no net access at home all this while), finally manged to get everything under control..Yipppeee I'm so excited to get this breather!!

Ok for starters I'm going to tell you all about my experience with Wella Kolestint hair color.Wella PR representative had sent me 2 packs of Well Kolestint hair color for review- I'd chosen to receive Darkest Brown & Darkest Burgundy as these shades were closest to my natural hair color & I didn't want to get too adventurous with my hair color.
The packaging carton of the hair colors was smashed during courier but thankfully the product inside was safe.

The package contained 1 sachet of Pre coloruration treatment(15ml)
1 tube of Color Crem` (50 ml),
1 bottle of cre`me developer (50 ml) 
1 tube of conditioner (30 ml), 
1 pair of gloves and 1 instruction leaflet.

The pre colouration treatment contains almond extracts and prepares the hair for better color absorption.


In case you intend to color your hair, you obviously need to very carefully go through the step by step process detailed out with the product, I'd not be re-inventing the wheel by writing out the entire leaflet here.

I'll share with you my experience with the product and things to watch out while coloring you hair.
For starters I used the Darkest Brown which is my actual hair color.I think the Wella Kolestint gives a nice glossy sheen to the hair, I was worried about the color giving a very artificial & opaque look to my strands, it was not the case, my hair felt soft and the color looked natural.

Secondly the hair color smelled nice upon application, I personally can't stand strong chemical smells so this was a relief.I also liked the after color conditioner, it really leaves the hair very soft, I'd have preferred a slightly bigger tube of the conditioner.

As far as the grey hair coverage is concerned, well I have a few grey strands but as we all know the grey hair strands are coarser and usually they don't imbibe the color too well, so while the grey were covered they achieved a slight burgundy-reddish tint after the coloring and not really darkest brown.. perhaps you might have a different experience while using this for grey coverage, but I felt this works better at accentuating your natural hair color as a tint but perhaps not  too great for covering greys.

The kit is priced at Rs 499/- though Wella is running promotional offers currently & offering discounts (i think up to Rs 80/- off)


1. No matter whether you are a hair color regular or first timer always do a strand test at least 48 hours before coloring you hair to test for any allergies / adverse reaction.
2. Apply vaseline around your hairline on your forehead area to prevent hair color staining your skin.
3.Do not under any circumstance use hair color on your eyebrows / eyelids this is dangerous & can cause blindness.
4. After you are done coloring to maintain your hair color try & use shampoos & conditioners of the same brand family rather than using shampoo & conditioners of different brands.Regular shampoos can strip color and natural moisture from your hair. 
5.Before coloring your hair make sure that you will be able to live with enhanced maintenance costs-shampoos /conditioners/ hair masques/touch ups etc.

Rest  Have fun & Happy coloring

I've attached some before and after hair color pictures.The before picture I'd clicked during the day time so the light is kind of washing out my natural hair color, my natural hair is darker than is coming out in the 'Before' pics.Do check out the glossy sheen in pics I clicked after the hair color.

If you have any queries drop me a line. 
P.S.-The products were sent by PR for review.I did not receive any remuneration nor am I affiliated with Wella in any way.

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  1. The last 2 pics look amazing. I love the glossy sheen & in the flash it looks burgundy! When you use the burgundy colour, so post pics. I'm sure that'll look even more amazing.

  2. Hey Pookhie, thanks for the compliments, really good to hear from you. Color is actually dark brown but I guess I clicked the after pics in the nite time with flash so maybe it appearing more burgundy.Guess will try Burgundy after a few months, will post the snaps then.

  3. the color has come out really good!! I think I came across your blog at the right time.... I myself am planning to color my hair ;-)

  4. Hi Sunita, thank you for visiting my blog. Do remember to do a strand test atleast 48 hours before coloring your hair. Also remember to do the necessary follow up conditioning for best results. Best of luck

  5. Thanks Indian Beauty... have a great day xx



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