Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hey ladies I'd mentioned on my previous post that I did some beauty hauling today & here's the mystery finally un-veiled. I had picked up some stuff from Nourish & wanted to tell you all about it.

Nourish Body & Bath Products is Delhi based brand high on aromatherapy based products like, bathing bars, scrubs,lotions,lip balms etc.Nourish counters are available in DLF Place Saket & Vasant Kunj.Nourish also retails online through select vendors.

The very bright & cheerful Nourish carts have a fabulous selection of bath & body products at very affordable price. All the products are handmade & have cute packaging and smell amazing.I have bought Nourish bathing bars earlier & this time I picked Honey Bees Buzz- a bathing bar packed with the goodness of Honey,Beeswax,Vitamin E & Glycerin.This one smells of roses,honey and the embossed bees on the soap and amazing fragrance made this a must have for me. I tried this at home and it does lather well the fragrance lingers on the skin.Priced at INR 175/ for 150 grams its pricing is quite good.
Most of their bathing bars appear to be made using melt & pour technique and though handmade the finishing on these is gorgeous. Just check out the pics below & you'll know what I mean.(All bathing bars are priced between INR 145/- to INR 235/-

Strawberry bathing bar,watermelon bathing bar, the world soap,smiley face soaps,the zen like scrub soaps, bright & cheerful lemon soap,pink & white embedded rose soap, the ice cream cone soap, honey bees buzz body bar and a very quirky 'My soap bites' bathing bar which has a pair of dentures embedded in the soap!!

Nourish has some really interesting products like Cleopatra's bathing bar ,Madras Coffee scrub, Vanilla & Lavender lotion I'm going to try these out next & keep you guys posted. In case you have used Nourish products do let me know what you think.

 Here is the ultra cute crochet pouch for holding your lip balm sticks, isn't it adorable


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  1. that bees wala soap reminds me of a soap from lush..honey i washed the kids ...dont remember-Amritha

  2. @itsaboutCosmetics-you are right it did remind me of honey I washed d kids, though the color & texture is different but quite liked Nourish bathing bar :)

    @TheGeminiLass- oh They are super adorable, i'd love to decorate my dresser with these goodies :)

  3. Hey, sweet blog..
    the products look real pretty and their price is also affordable but wont be able to try it out as you'v mentioned they are only available in delhi. btw i was wondering, haven't you purchased alot of them.

  4. they are really getting very innovative with soaps these days! nice stuff..Even I wrote about these in my blog. We often seem to have common ideas :)

    When ru putting up ur philip treacy article???

  5. oh god they are adorable:)))
    esp loved the smileys and the roses and the ice creams...........:))

  6. Thanks Ginger! Yup these do look good enough to eat ;) I think Nourish product are available through online. Else you can try contacting them at & see if they'd be willing to ship the items directly. Btw. I only bough Honees buzz ,I clicked rest of the pics at the outlet, wanted to show you guys all d fab stuff they have :)

  7. @Hungover on Fashion- Hey i'll check out this post on your blog soon, u r right we don end up having lots common ideas- hmm what can I say-Great Minds Think Alike.
    Now that you've already snagged Mr. Treacy & his fancy hats I guess I'll pass :)

  8. Dr Shivani- Just the sight of those cute & quirky soaps cheer me up,d rose ones r sooo pretty!. by d way didn't u like the ones with dentures ? I just found it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  9. hey... they actually grossed me out...maybe i have seen too many of

  10. Dr Shivani- I think a case too much of good things, lol

  11. I just love Reading ur Articles & I love the Bottle & d name too

  12. @Bath Lotions, Thanks a ton dear, I'm so glad you like my posts, thanks for visiting my blog & posting your comment :)

  13. Its fragrance is soooo nice! perfuming the whole bathroom....
    Reminding me of some soaps i bought in Boston.

  14. Mrina-Ooh I so love the yum fragrance of these soaps. Try leaving one in your closet, it really smells delicious

  15. where will i get them in bombay?

    1. you get it online

  16. there is a vendor in Pune for this. a wholesaler.



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