Monday, January 20, 2014

Inglot freedom system eyeshadow palette and haul!

Hey Girls! let me introduce you to the latest love of my life, Ta-da!! my spanking new Inglot neutral eyeshadow palette!

I've been eying some lovely neutral palettes online for a while,but the crazy international shipping had been putting me off. I decided to pick something locally & was debating between MAC & Inglot eyeshadows..on a random trip to Inglot my resolve to go easy on makeup, crumbled and I made a dash to the billing counter with my mini haul!
The haul! I snagged one empty 5 pan palette and 5 eyeshadow refill pans.It set me back by almost Rs 2900/-, but such glorious site of makeup, always makes my heart do a double flip!
Btw Inglot has recently hiked up the price of their refill square pans by 25% from Rs 300 to 400/- a piece. You can still pick up the old stock from the major brands site, however the new stock in stores carry the revised price tag.

The new inglot eyeshadow palettes are available in square shape only, inglot has globally phased out its round eyeshadow palettes.The new square empty palette is extremely sturdy, with slots for individual eyeshadow pan and 4 extremely strong magnets at each corner. This kind of palette cannot be just flipped open (unless you are willing to chip your nails and ruin your mani!) you need to gently slide the top aside to reveal the palette.

The strong magnets on these palettes mean you can stack multiple palettes together.Also many users have grumbled about the wrestle-mania involved in trying to wedge their eyeshadows out of the palette, well fret not,if you need to remove an eyeshadow from ts slot you only need to touch the magnetic corner of the palette cover to the corner of the eyeshadow and the powerful magnet just pulls the eyeshadow out in a jiffy.

This 5 pan square empty palette set me back a pretty penny and cost Rs 850/- which i find pretty steep for empty product packaging. However despite having a whole stash of inglot refill only pans I sorely needed a nifty little palette to carry the shadows along with me for my on-the-go makeup routine,so finally I forked out the moolah.

Now over tot he fun and colorful stuff! I really needed, wanted a neutral eyeshadow palette with a mix of pearl and matte finishes which would be perfect for work wear. Inglot eyeshadows have some of the best quality mattes and whole bunch of neutral shades to choose from. So I carefully crafted my palette around neutral everyday wearable shades.
First one i snagged is from the rainbow refill pan, which contains 3 shades of the same color family , I picked shade no. 107 which is a matte eyeshadow in three graduating shades of nude(y) browns. This is perfect on its one for creating a complete eye makeup look with lid, crease and highlight shade rolled in to one.
The rainbow eyeshadow refill pan is priced at INR 450/-

Next I needed a pink nude, as a n all over lid color, Shade no. 341 is a beautiful nude shade which gives me a wide awake look without looking chalky or ghastly.

Next I picked shade 405, this is a beautiful rich golden bronze shade, its an extremely versatile shade and will suit a wide variety of Indian skin tones.

I sorely needed an ultra dark brown matte shade for crease work and creating a seriously smokey brown eye makeup look and after hunting down shade no. 329 for months I finally got my grubby paws on this rich cocoa bean shade! Totally love this one! Browns don't get more intense than this :D

Last shade I snagged was no. 606 ,which was a part of Bridal collection released by Inglot in 2012.This ultra rich pearl finish gold shade, looks very similar to no. 405, however this shade is better suited for evening wear teemed with heavy bridal/ ethnic eye makeup looks.

Here's my finished palette! Ahhh.. its soo pretty I could stare at it for hours :) I plan to do a details swatch and makeup look post soon.

Have a great week ahead my lovelies. Xoxo :)

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  1. Lovely Haul!
    The shades are wonderful :D


  2. love the haul...u got gorgeous shades!

  3. It's always so good to read your posts P!! They are withdrawing the round pans/ Then what are we supposed to do with our round panned palettes? :O
    I am thinking of picking up the rainbow pans. Your shade selections look quite versatile.

  4. Do you know how much the 10 pan palette is plus the 10 shades that you buy. I couldn't find the price in rupees anywhere online except on your blog so thanks for that!

  5. Nice shade selection :)

  6. I love Inglot Cosmetics – it mixes both roguish and sweet characteristics and looks perfect on you! Hot fashion is always admirable.



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