Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SIGMA F80 Flat Kabuki Brush Review

Sigma F80 occupies a coveted place on my vanity and is a must have in your brush kit.It has synthetic bristles, heavy handle and its meant to be used for applying primer, liquid foundations, powders and for buffing. Flat top brushes are perfect for buffing the liquid foundation and leave a more polished and dewy look to the skin.

Sigma sent the product in an ultra cute packaging in blue tissue bag and pink grossgrain ribbon & all.

The brush head is really thick and dense and the brush head is perfectly flat and has no stray flyaway strands.

The brush head is soft and firm, allowing enough control while working the product in your skin.The bristles are made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.The synthetic bristles soak up lesser product and hence are easier to clean as well.

 This is what my Sigma Flat top Kabuki brush looks like after a bath.
 It comes with a plastic brush guard. Most companies don't offer a brush guard and this humble looking plastic cover can actually do wonders for the longevity of your brushes.
I store my my wet Sigma Flat top kabuki in the the brush guard after wash and put it bristle side down to dry in a glass. The Brush guard ensures the bristles don't fray and the brush retains its shape.

The biggest con of the product is it takes good 12 hours plus to dry up completely after a wash,its a real pain,for those who prefer to wash their brushes everyday.
I wash & deep cleanse my brushes on a weekly basis,so I can manage but still think I'd need to pick one more of this :)

F80 brush costs $ 16.To know more or buy Sigma  F 80 brush click here

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  1. have been reading good reviews abt Sigma F80, since a long tym nw. vl include dis in my kitty soon

  2. I am def getting this one soon!

  3. Am so getting this. :) Thanks for the review. :*

  4. I have been hearing so much about this brush.Definitely planning on getting this.Might have to wait till sigma takes debit cards though :/
    Thanx for the review! the nrush actually looks better than the MAC 187.

  5. Soo amazing!! I wish someone would share the shipping with me, I WANT!! :((

  6. Loved it.......added in my wishlist! BTW, I am a new blogger and also new to yours :) this is tanmayee.



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